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Date:  2022-10-19


Management comprises of planning, prioritizing, motivating, and organizing a given task or work to achieve objectives within an organization. Management style is a specific way that managers go about achieving these objectives (Buttner 253). It affects the way they make their decisions, plans, and organize their work. Management styles differ by company, person to person, and management level. An effective manager is one that can regulate their management style to fit different employees and business environments. There are several types of management styles one can adapt to, to effectively managing a business. These styles include directive, authoritative, affiliative, participative (democratic), pacesetting, and coaching styles.

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As a manager in a business, I would adopt a democratic management style. This is a management style in which the group members participate in the decision-making process. In this style of management, the team has the chance to hive their opinions, views, and ideas before making a final decision (Buttner 253). It is an involving style, and its motive is to make the best decisions as the saying goes two heads are better than one. The manager makes the final decision after an agreement with the other participants. This management style gives the members a feeling of being real members of the team.

Some of the reasons as to why I opt for a democratic style are: the style is one of the most effective styles in management since its values affirmation and collaboration of members, the manager involves members in problem-solving and decision-making but retains the ultimate say in the final decision, the style also encourages team participation, engagement, and involvement (Buttner 253). The preferences of the performance of each member get acknowledged and honored. Business environments having democratic managers often yield members will high morale who generate creative solutions and encourages team spirit and cooperation.

As an involving manager, I would involve my employees in the decision making and problem-solving process by sharing the problem on an open table. I would then collect the views, opinions, and solutions to the challenge and discuss the solutions with the members to come up with the best decision. It would also be useful to use a questionnaire and involve all the employees to collect the different views and analyze the opinions with the board to attain the best solution to the problem.

A democratic management style impacts a lot and helps in attaining and achieving the intended goals. The style is also referred to as participative style since it involves members and employees to participate in making decisions and solving problems in the business. The manager fosters the input of the employees to the business by motivating and involving them in the solving issues of the business and letting them contribute in their views. The style also encourages employees to have goals and even acknowledge their achievements. By involving the employees, the style greatly works towards achieving the objectives of management.

While democratic management gets considered as the most productive and effective style, it also has some possible downsides. In cases where roles are not explicitly stated, democratic management could lead to miscommunications and uncompleted projects. In some situations, the employees may not be competent enough, and their decisions may not be quality enough. It could also lead to employees feeling like their views do not get considered which lowers their morale. To solve these drawbacks, I would consider involving the competent employees in a table discussion while the rest give their views in a questionnaire to ensure that the decisions made are good enough and that everyone gets involved.

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