Essay on Career Guidance: Encouraging People to Rise Again & Make Favorable Decisions

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Date:  2023-01-03


Career guidance can be used to motivate people as it will encourage them even if they fall in life but still can rise again as one can leave a career and venture in another through counseling to avoid trouble making. This will give a realistic look of what one expects in life through observing keenly on the decisions one had made to cheer one up in the state of giving up. In the society we are living in a favorable decision brings happiness as there result are mainly dependable. Encouragement is a drive that inspires human beings to undertake or decides some paths that will earn them good results in the future. Therefore support is a career path that leads one to believe and act according to the counselor's ideas on how much one can do better in a presentable and reasonable opinion need for example to be developed.

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Career Guidance as a Path to Self-Assessment and Decision-Making

Library books on career guidance have been established from the history of career guidance where one can get the knowledge on a career both the negative and positive side of it in the libraries. Due to the presence of those books in the library, the cost of directly paying for the counselors directly have reduced making career guidance accessible and helping a significant number of people in the society. The presence of low-cost areas of counseling has brought competition making other agencies for counseling such as community agencies to introduce low or free counselling and guidance centers including livelihood training programs and workshops to encourage counseling in the society. Effectiveness of career guidance for example in the USA had helped for the establishment of career centers in the country sponsored by the department of labor (Wong & Yuen 2019).

Makes one move from one point to another whereby one point in life is the time one does thorough self-assessment investigating in suitable occupations whereby one must select in which one must pursue. The second point could be possible after meeting all the requirement needed for a chosen career. The plans included for the profession to be viable are the goals both short term and long term so as it becomes easy to finance them. The society improved as part of a country's development after realizing that counseling needs to be invested on to motivate its citizens to act upon their current careers or either do new once according to their ability.

The Impact of Career Guidance on Personal and Societal Development

Career guidance helps to make a difference; for example, a poorly performing student can be advised based on its root problems causing its failure in school. Since the counselors portray a better knowledge of what the learner is going through its possible for them to advise a host of issues she/he is going through. The right decision could be identified that will make the student prosper and be recognized person in society.

The counselor's role could be also be identified from the assistance guiding people like students on the right paths making it be recognized from the practical work progress of individual positive result of their career achievement. It also allows decisions for schools selection after results evaluation to determine whether in which institution one should be placed according to its performance. Specialized degree programmers can easily be selected through performance appraisal and also by the use of counseling to identify the different institutional requirement that are not known by fresh teenagers.

Career Guidance as a Tool for Overcoming Stereotypes and Promoting Gender Equality

Career guidance promotes counselor training and retraining through the day to day activities making one develop a sense of expertise in the field of leadership (Wong & Yuen 2019). Due to a routine work specialization begins and once it had been designed one must be considered as an expert in that area at least can be trusted if decided to be called a career counselor. Minimal cases of career wrong paths will be experienced making guidance method dependable and also able to gain popularity in the human race. Its existence will be appreciated which will later attract many people that can feel that they are not sure of what to undertake in their career as their problem will be immediately be solved effectively.

Helps to correct the belief on sex stereotype for example in the workplace cleaning is assigned to the women gender as that is their work which is very wrong in that men too can also do the same cleaning work (Watts 2010). Men are also believed to be aggressive taking advantage of women and harass them due to their hormone culture difference. These problems can still be transferred to career selection which is not essential to be considered. Women can always do better in areas where men are trusted to be productive than women in case of jobs allocation. Through career guidance this negative motive will be ignored so as everyone despite their gender can still be in the career he or she will be capable or passionate of doing it.

Improve on support for the program as donors will be attracted in to support career guidance as it's a valuable tool that can change the world. Expenditure for such programs support will arise making it be spread all over the world to advocate for special activities that have been neglected in the society such as gender equality. This will bring a great appreciation from the people as no one will be taken as a lesser being making it have many funs which interns increase its donor numbers.

Career Guidance as a Tool for Overcoming Stereotypes and Promoting Gender Equality

Improves knowledge, skills, and abilities since career is long term decision which will equip the learner with expert knowledge helping them to build their skills in the area of study. This will help to improve the living standards of individuals as a reward for their long career. Ability of individuals will be observed in the practice of career work and that where one can be grateful in giving out reasonable positive impact on their field of study, for example, being a scientist requires patience and acceptance of any resulting outcome before coming up with a viable results that can be used to change the world.

Enhancing Self-Esteem, Motivation, and Employment Marketability through Career Guidance

Build self-esteem and motivation in that one can trust the work out of its career due to the practical observation of its contribution to society. Self-esteem is build up as everyone trust and believed the work that has already been applied without any negative implication. Motivation arises which will encourage one to continue putting efforts. This could also be due to the increased payment due to excellent work that could have changed the world (Kohler, & Slamet 2019).

Improves employment marketability and opportunity through proper career selection that will attract and open many areas of research for the same project. Through research, many will be employed in the field of guidance to work for example acts as administrators in the registered institutions to provide career guidance solutions. Many opportunities will be opened for other people to build their career such as people to work on the research environment to conclude some of the doubted beliefs.

Job Placement and Specialization Through Effective Career Guidance

Job placement will be more comfortable in that people will be employed in the area related to their career path to be conversant with the basic of the work required to avoid complication that may result from a loss that may hinder the prosperity of the great matter of concern in the work environment. Therefore working in the area, one has a piece of knowledge about it may help produce the best result encouraging the application of such a method all over the world (Andreassen, Einarsdottir, Lerkkanen, Thomsen& Wikstrand 2019). One can also to be able to master its specific field of study that he or she may be having content in it hence can be able to differentiate and argue out its research area and can also be too trusted. It leads to a competent career guidance facilitators to provide an educative counselling services is the availability of caring, responsible experienced career guidance duties who help youth to make informed decisions and take tangible next steps towards their goals. It is important that these experienced career guidance also should understand of career guidance theory and practice.


Improves Supports to the youths in their curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter writing, or interview preparation. Assistance help youth form close friend zone with adu...

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