Paper Example on Cyber Intrusion Hits US Office of Personnel Management: 2 Attacks Detected

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Date:  2023-03-12


The whole issue is all about cybersecurity. There is a cyber intrusion in the office of personal management in the United States. The same has caused the general effect in the system of information technology. Following the report, it took place on two different occasions. The first attack targeted the confidential information of over four million federal government employees. These included both former as well as current employees. The second attack sounds much sense since it targeted the database of the office of personnel management (Rehbohm, Sandkuhl & Kemmerich, 2019). This second one interfered with the information of over twenty-one million people. Hacking of networks is a risky scenario that always compromises sensitive information about different organizations. It also poses threats to organization data such as deletion, theft as well as manipulation. This incident forces the office of personal management to embark on a thorough investigation concerning the intrusion.

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Collection of the Evidence

The investigation covered all sources of information, including primary ones like detailing information from ordinary people. Some individuals issued out their opinion that motivation concerning the attack on the office of personal management data rests on espionage as in contrary to the criminal motivation (McNeil, 2019). The country which has staged significant suspect to the data breach of the office of personnel management in China. It is also purported that this intrusion is in the hands of the china government. The coverage of this hacking is such massive that the china government must have an idea concerning the same. According to speculation suspected, the government of China has a great interest in determining the number of employees in the United States. More categorically, the officials in the United States government with their job descriptions. China's government does this by hacking the database of United States employees.

There is other additional information in the system which is suspected that the China government needs. It is why the national security get much concern that maybe the china government want to convert the United States officials. They started a general investigation by identifying the data accessed as well as specific individuals affected by the data breach. In the due process, the early survey shows that the background check has already revealed over two million people, having their social security number stolen. The sensitivity of the case made the office of the personal management set various procedures in finding out the suspect and how they were accessing these databases.

They identified that the hackers were using plug X and Sakula virus to perform the attack. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) determined that the two defined states, as well as the Yu Pingin, were responsible for the attack. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the suspects provided malware that was used to hack the different four companies of the United States. The same software, which is the malware, was as well linked with the office of personnel management. The FBI also identified the email conversation between Yu and hackers. This conversation revealed that he sold the malware software to hackers.

The groups of hacking were in the two categories, which are X1 and X2, which were from the PRC. They cooperated in the malicious tamper of the office of personnel management. The security system also linked the two hacking groups(X1 and X2) with other unidentified groups to the attack of United States Companies. Various studies have revealed different ways the hackers used to avoid being noticed. For instance, they used the method of hidden over the internet so that they cannot get captured. Similarly, other workers use domain names which are quite identical so that they could not be suspected. All these have made many companies vulnerable to authorized attacks because they are unaware of several security breaches.

Finally, concerning the identification of the office of personal management hackers, browser fingerprinting could be used to detect the pattern of networks as well as observing different packets generated. Fingerprinting can either be active or passive. Concerning protocol fingerprinting, it involves sending the internet control message protocol to the hacker. After that, the analysis of the response message could follow immediately. Active fingerprinting can get detected easily as compared to passive fingerprinting.

Procedure for Charging the Suspects

Stringent methods are in place for the charging of variously identified suspects; thereby, they are not being railroaded. The steps are followed with a defined pace to satisfy the jurisdiction interest. Regarding the privacy act of 1974 in the United States constitution, the organization should take proper precautions for security as well as the confidentiality of safety and integrity. The same has led to the establishment of specific laws to different hackers. Nevertheless, hackers will get prosecuted against the electronic communication protection act. The hackers should face ten years imprisonment in consideration of the computer fraud and abuse act.

Following the international law, the office of personal management breach's unauthorized intrusion to acquire information without any form of destruction is equivalent to the activity of non-cyber intelligence. Moreover, identity theft will get charged as per the federal identity statute as well as other state laws. All these followed various lawsuits put in place before the jurisdiction office. For instance, the union of employs like the national treasury has filed the same. They are majorly concerned with the relief of the personnel management office. The same should be vested on the violation of the constitutional rights as far as privacy of information is concerned.

Role of Rule 41 to the Investigation

This is a rule in the federal laws of criminal procedure. The rule was modified in 2016 give judges the power to issue warrants allowing the federal enforcement agency together with the FBI to consider remote access to tools (Howes, Stowell & Choi, 2019). The same is to provide access to hack computers outside the jurisdiction where the warrant was issued. According to this investigation, rule 4a will have enormous positive impacts. Judges within the court will have access to other computers that are not in their warrant. The idea will obtain detailed information on the hacked computers which are not reported.


In conclusion to this review, the incident of the cyber intrusion of the office of personnel management has reached the prime investigation under the national security forces. The prosecution of the hackers lies in the office of the jurisdiction, which is in consideration with the state laws or other the United States constitutional Act. The whole process will, after that linked with the rule forty-one of the United States agency, which will contribute to the success of the prosecution.


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