Essay Sample on Decision Models: A Guide to Help You Make the Right Choice

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Date:  2023-01-12


It's quite essential to identify a good model that can work for you and even your organization. This due to the fact that both right or wrong decision has an overall impact in bringing success or failure respectively. In the decision-making process most, the managerial position has to go through the decision model. The main function of the decision model is to help us in analyzing as well as collecting the data that is involved in the decision-making process. There are various decision models that have a variety of techniques and tools. Hence the decision tree can be referred to as a graphical representation of all the decision-making circumstances. This model is regarded as one of the best. A large decision problem can be solved through the application of several decisions which have to be made for one to reach into the final conclusion.

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An example of the use of the model currently in my life trying to coordinate between my sporting activity which involves athletics and my school performance. When I'm going through this process, I have to consider every schedule that I'm involved, my sporting and school activity. Through the schedule, I then have to make a consideration what I need when I go to sports, the cloths to where and what time I have to go for my school work. I also do very similar coordination after school and when to do my sporting activity. Hence the decision tree is good because they help people to have a visual presentation of how their decision or their actions will affect the overall outcome

Decision Tree

The decision tree has great significance and hence it gives me a different approach in the way I look at the option for the training in athletic. Having the ability to visualize and see the possibility of the various outcome, which assists me in making a critical decision regarding choosing one of the most beneficial approaches for me. Through the decision tree, I'm quite able to see the possible outcome if I'm to put more focus on the strength and my stamina for the race. One of the possible outcomes would probably be a much high risk of not having the full ability to run the full distance on the track but the strength would have its benefit in helping me overcome obstacle easily. On the other hand, if I'm to put more focus on the aspect of endurance training their high chances that I will be able to run the race at a much smaller time but avoiding the obstacle would be quite strenuous on my side. If both factors are put into consideration and hence mix both endurance and strength training has the greatest chance of completing the race and having the stamina to avoid all the obstacle without straining in any of them.

Throughout my daily activity, it's easy to visualize all the benefit decision tree has for the large decision making in any organization. The purpose of the decision tree is to allow people to weight out all the possible outcome of many decisions for a particular problem. This allows people to critically see the benefit of every decision which is based on what direction they intend to explore. In the application of this strategy to a group of people or an organization, I would possibly come up with a various decision for a particular problem and the make a critical exploration of the possible outcome and hence for each, I come up with the possible solution for a problem. Through the application of the decision tree, I will have an easy time coming up with the final choice for the problem.

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