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Question 1

Description of the General Type of Business that the firm operates and its main competitors

The company focuses on information technology. The company is based out of TTC MIDC estate in Mhape (Thakur, 2020). the company offers information technology consultancy services. It currently employs office assistance data entry clerks as well as customer service representatives. It is a private company; hence it does not have close competitors who challenge its operation in Mumbai (Thakur, 2020). the only competition experienced in the company is the one associated with competition analysis for jobs in the company.

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The aspects that make Navi Mumbai's IT firm to be different from competitors one of a unique aspect in the company is the hiring process which focuses on specific roles that the individual to be hired needs to perform concerning information technology. The company is currently working on enhancing customer feedback surveys as well as ensuring that product requirements gather relevant individuals to perform the tasks associated with information technology (Thakur, 2020). For instance, the company lists the individuals who need to be employed in the company like manager assistant managers as well as sr. analysis.

Question 2 Ethics and Globalization

The impact of an alternative course of action usually aligns with revenues, costs, and profits. In this case scenario, the company has to lay off most of the employees who are affected by Coronavirus as a measure to prevent transmission from person to person and aspect that will affect the company negatively. However, Pagano also emphasizes the need to incorporate ethical decision making before laying off employees from a particular company. Even though the company will be affected in terms of revenues, costs, and profits, the employees will be given sick leave as a measure to prevent permanent layoff that can affect them financially.

The company employs individuals from different regions and of different ethnic groups. Thus, the decision to solve the challenge of Coronavirus in the company will also be associated with ethical considerations on the layoff of employees based on vulnerability and susceptibility to COVID-19. The layoff will be effectively emphasized by laying of the most elderly employees as well as the ones who still need to be trained to attain the required skills as required by the company. Victims of COVID-19 need to be cared for more ethically rather than dismissing them due to the effect that the pandemic has caused to their lives (Thakur, 2020). For that matter, the facility will urge all employees to be tested.

After that, the older employees who are more vulnerable to the virus will be given a compulsory leave as the facility awaits to keep operating in the normal way after the pandemic is over. The company is currently handling the database of Banks, and it's supposed to work within the stipulated frameworks to avoid any discrepancies that might lead to losses. Previously, it was functioning with 40 employees working in the banking sector (Thakur, 2020). However, the unprecedented challenge resulted from Coronavirus has made 19 employees ineligible to work within the banking sector as a measure to prevent the spread of the disease to all employees.

As the company has tried to ensure that it works within the ethical frameworks by employing individuals from different regions like Mumbai, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, in the same manner, it will try to save the situation by enabling the employees to work from home without permanently dismissing them from work. Prevention of father exposure to the disease has also been taken by having the facility sanitized before allowing the remaining employees to access the whole. Social distancing is also emphasized currently as a measure to prevent any further person-to-person transmission as well as transmitting the virus onto surfaces hence leading to more employees being victims. There have also been plans to trace the travel history of the patients, and the other patients who tested negative are constantly being checked upon to prevent any future. The president had damage to the facility concerning Coronavirus.

According to the Pagano model, a problem was identified, which is closely related to the ethical problem, which is Coronavirus. The problem is currently affecting people across the world, and it is treated with care to prevent further infections to other people. Information is supposed to be collected about the travel history of each of the 19 workers who tested positive. The options to control the communal spread of the disease should be stated, which can include quarantining the patients in different facilities to prevent the spread of the pandemic to their families and friends. secondly, the patients can be given sick leave and be provided support while being tested and monitored towards recovery. According to utilitarianism, it is vital to prevent the spread of the disease by dismissing the 19 employees partially as they are waiting for recovery during the quarantine (Martin et al., 2016). The aspect will save the situation and prevent further inspection of the remaining employees.

According to deontology, the nature of duty and obligation justifies the reason to dismiss the employees for the sake of protecting the remaining employees. They tested negative for some time before allowing them back to the facility (Martin, Iles, & Rosen, 2016). Besides, the facility must keep paying them for their compensation despite being dismissed from work since it is a pandemic that resulted in the sudden dismissal (Thakur, 2020). Therefore, duty and responsibilities should ensure that the employees who tested positive are treated with care given time to recover, and they are supposed to be considered to be employees of the facility for the time that they are in quarantine. The decision is ethical, and it considers the wellness of other employees to be a priority before the password of the business to accrue profits. The decision should be implemented immediately since this pandemic is not waiting for another decision to be implemented. The quicker the implementation, the better results the facility will realize in the future. The patients are supposed to be given care and constant checkups to ensure that they recover as soon as possible.

Question 3 Globalization and Ethics

The facility is highly globalized. Employees come from different locations in India, and some are foreign nationals. The employees from Thane Mumbai, in other regions, are supposed to be close to their family members. Yet, it is now difficult for them to travel to their homes due to globalization and an aspect of employed people concerning the needs of companies and businesses to be highly globalized. The facility is also experiencing temporary globalized jobs in Mumbai, challenging the role of the facility or the company to provide continuous compensation for employees who come from regions like Thane.

It was found out that 26 of the 40 cases in the company are the Tablighi Jamaat workers forming the primary part of their contact. It is now difficult to trace the contacts of people that the individuals have associated with in the last two weeks. In that manner, the facility will face challenges in controlling the spread of the virus. The patients who tested positive come from different locations other than Mumbai. The locations include Simour and Una. It is, therefore, evident that globalization results in a failure to control an outbreak as many employees arrive from diverse locations.

There are unfair working conditions for the globalized companies, as depicted by Navi Mumbai IT company. Most of the employees who are affected by Coronavirus come from different locations other than Mumbai City. Notably, COVID-19 positive employees might have been subjected to unhealthy working environment conditions, which lead to health hazards in the facility. Globalization makes small scale industries face extension. In this case, Navi Mumbai IT is almost being paralyzed. Since 19 out of 40 employees are now positive of Coronavirus, the facility will no longer be able to provide relevant services to the facility. The aspect will result in problems.

As aforementioned, globalization results in the rapid spread of a deadly disease. It is notable in the Navi Mumbai IT company. Most of the employees were arriving from other locations that might be epicentres of Coronavirus. They might also be meeting people from different locations who might be having Coronavirus hence making them vulnerable. The aspect has resulted in problems in the company since at least 19 people are now positive of Coronavirus.

According to deontology, the best and ethical decision is to restrict the movement of the positive cases as well as the negative cases to prevent further infections (Martin, Iles & Rosen, 2016). Since the facility is also offering a service for the banking sector, sanitization should be highly emphasized to prevent further infections. The management of Navi Mumbai IT company must perform background checks and ask the employees to give contacts of the individuals that they had met before. They should also communicate about their travel history to trace the route of the pandemic into the facility (Martin et al., 2016). The employees from various locations should avail of the contacts of the people they have been associating with as a measure to curb the spread of the virus any further.

Question 4 Regulations

The Effect of Government's Regulation on Business Before COVID-19 Crisis and the Impact of Rapidly Changing the Regulations Due to the Crisis

The government protects individuals who might be denied an opportunity to be employed in various companies in the world due to the aspect of globalization. Secondly, ethics in regulations also justify the need to hire people with an appeal of disability and health issues (Jansson, Nilsson, Modig, & Hed Vall, 2017). However, the current crisis with Coronavirus has done businesses to change the regulations rapidly due to the effects that Coronavirus can cause to facilities like Navi Mumbai IT. It is not advisable to employ individuals coming from overseas for the reasons of protecting people from Coronavirus (Jansson et al., 2017). In that manner, travel restrictions also justify the need to keep on the Watch on the employees who come from various locations and arriving at the workplaces for the sake of doing their roles and responsibilities.

Previously, the government was justifying the need to employ individuals without discriminating against them in terms of the location they come from, gender, age, and ethnicity (Jansson et al., 2017). However, it has been found out that the pandemic affects the elderly more than the younger generation. In that manner, it is a moral decision to secure or protect the health of the elderly by dismissing them from work until the pandemic is over. The aspect will result in grave effects since most of the elderly have the experience to handle operations and to carry on their roles in the facility as compared to the younger generation who are still gaining courage and expertise. Lack of experience in working will also result in two crises in the company, especially the IT companies like Navi Mumbai IT.

Dismissal from jobs will also contribute to both financial and economic problems. The government tries to protect individuals from unprecedented dismissal, but in this scenario, there will be reasonable situations to allow businesses two relatively cut payments or compensation for the employees wh...

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