Assessment Current Organizational Demographics: Nike Company

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Nike Inc. is an American multinational company that deals in manufacturing, design, marketing of sportswear and sports accessories. Major products include the footwear, apparel, accessories, service, and sports equipment. Nike Company was founded in the year 1964 (Levinson, 2016). One of the fundamental reason behind choosing Nike Company is the fact that since its foundation, the company has registered positive improvements other related benefits in various aspects with several especially on the manner that the company's human resource department work towards the enhancement of its policies. The HR policies seek to offer protection to each of the members of the organization regardless of the sex (Bailey, Mankin Kelliher & Garavan, 2018). The HR is keen to ensure that it deals with any form of discrimination when it comes to salaries and wages settlement, recruitment, and offering other services that concern its members of the staffs. It is through the company's mission and vision that keeps it moving. It has grown to be a global multinational business with markets all over the world. Nike has it's headquartered in Washington D.C with a proximately 12,000 employee locally as per the latest statistics (Nisen, 2013). Currently, Nike is the leading global sportswear company followed by other firms such as Jordan as the main competitors of the firm. Through its management and staff, the company embraces technology and globalization following the positive impact both had on its production process and in the overall performance of each of the member staffs of the firm.

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The Company Logo and Other Key Information

The company relies on innovation and technology to enhance its performance and the success that it continues to enjoy over a period. The management through the human resource department ensures that it puts every strategy possible with an aim to motivate the entire workforce through organized forums and events that it offers presents. It also offers awards, promotion, and other forms of motivational factors with an effort to put together every member of the firm to continue doing the level best regarding the overall performance of the organization at large (Adams, 2014). The slogan seeks to inspire every member of the firm to do have a strong belief in delivering in line with the organizational policies mission and vision of the firm. Human resource works towards creating a favorable working environment that every member of the firm feels that the company has respect.

The Culture of the Company and Why One Should Want to Work to the Company

People have many reasons why they would prefer to be part of the company. The first reason relies on the success of the company. It is important to note that the Nike Company has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that is among the best global company in the world that offers equal opportunities for the members of the staffs without necessarily showing any form of discrimination (Hemphill & WHITE III, 2016). It treats all its members of the staffs equally without considering a person's social status or religion or even tribe. Besides, the company has dignity and respect for all its members given that through equality and respect for every member, the management believes that it will realize its goals and operational objectives. Besides, Nik is one of the firms that seek to expose its members to innovation and technological advancement. The management through the department of human resource ensures that members work as one team through corporation, understanding, and togetherness.

Requirements for Policies

Present a Statement of Management Philosophy

Nike management has every strategy in place that seeks to ensure that members receive the best of protection that they need. The philosophy relies on the fact that every member should get the same and rightful treatment without any form of discrimination regarding gender, age, and race or even on a religious basis (Adams, 2014). It promotes unity among members of the staff that it believes are the fundamental pillars behind its improved success over the past. Other policies that the organization should develop further include policies on sexual harassment, promotion, and dismissal that will help the firm in the realization of its goals and objectives that are in line with its operational mission statement.

Sexual harassment remains a major issue that affects the operational success of most companies in the world. Research shows that organizations, where staffs members are at risk of experiencing sexual harassment, will not manage to perform as expected (Aytac, Dursun & Akalp, 2016). Female individuals are at higher risks of becoming victims of sexual harassment, and it will be important that the firm come up with strict terms and conditions for the victims of sexual assault or harassment. The organization through the department of HR should ensure that both genders receive treatment that will portray a higher level of respect to them. Members of the staffs who sexually assault their fellow should face the law and the policies on sexual harassment that include even dismissal or even demotion if the person was holding a higher rank within the organization.

Promotion within the organization should take place in line with a person's previous performance and based on academic qualification. Besides, the policies on promotion should ensure that every member of the organization gets the same chance to send the application in line with the vacant position or the new post created (Aytac, Dursun & Akalp, 2016). It is important that the management through the Department of HR to ensure that it prevent any form of promotion that will take place in the line of flavor that come from family friends, relatives or in any form of corruption. Better, promotional strategies will make the firm to get the best and the most qualified personality in line with the post of concern.

Regarding dismissal, the firm should ensure that the policy protects all members of the staffs. Dismissal should take place in line with the poor performance of a member of the staff or based on the previous record (Aytac, Dursun & Akalp, 2016). Besides, before dismissal of a member of the staff, it is important that Nike Company HR sit and analyze the fundamental reason behind the dismissal. The dismissal policy should work toward ensuring that it offers the necessary protection to both the staffs and organization. Immature dismissal of a member might result in the organization losing a resourceful person who might be of great success to the business. The policy on dismissal should provide terms and condition that might make a person to lose a job.

Salaries and compensation policies should ensure that every member of the organization gets a better payment in line with the effort that members put toward the success of the business (Draper, 2017). The policy should specify that people who do a lot of work within the business and occupies the top position should get relatively higher pay as compared to those other members who fall within the lower category of the business. Besides, the compensation scheme should depend on the effort that a member put in place towards the realization of the business success and not in favor of any other aspect (Teeni & Israeli, 2017). The manager should ensure that every member of the business is aware of the compensation policies and rules that govern that manner that the business will offer its compensation to the entire members of the staffs.

The next policy should be on communication based on the manner that members of the business can receive and send information from one department to the next. It is important to note that communication remains the fundamental key to the success of the business (Zaheeruddin, & Manas, 2015). Ideally, the human resource should define a better way of relaying its information to entirely every member of the business. Members have a right to access information that concerns their contributions to the business success. Failure to communicate effectively is likely to hinder other members of the business from realizing their objectives to the success of the organization (Bailey, Mankin, Kelliher & Garavan, 2018). The policy on proper communication within the organization will help enhance the morale of its members and satisfaction as they put more effort towards the productivity of the business.

Analyzing Implications and Conclusion

Proper legal policies within the organization will help in protecting members of the staffs and the business as a whole (Zaheeruddin, & Manas, 2015). Human resource should come with better strategies that will help oversee that the process of policies implementation remains successful towards the realization of organizational success. For instance, the policy on sexual harassment seeks to protect every member of the firm especially on the female gender who remains the major victims of sexual harassment. Any form of harassment or unfair treatment regarding promotion and salaries might hinder the organizational performance of other members of the staffs.

Recommendation for Policies Selection

It is recommendable that Nike organization through its HR works towards ensuring that the above recommendations remain to work. Proper administering of the above policies will help instill confidence among members of the staffs and for the organization as a whole (Draper, 2017). Besides having, a good design policy on salaries and compensation that relies on the performance and academic qualification of every member will help in the realization of the organizational success given that every member will work towards improving the effort to help the firm succeed. It is also recommendable that strict actions should be taken against any member who seems to violate above policies.

Aplan for Communication for the Implications

It is important that Nike Company develop clear guidelines to communicate the policies implication. Every member of the firm should be aware of the policies and the possible consequences the moment a member violates any of the policies. Human resource should communicate to the respective department through emails, posters or any other means that will ensure that every member receives the message to avoid violation of such policies. The other best ways to communicate the policies implications will be through holding a meeting where every member of the organization is present, and one can ask a question on areas that seems not clear.


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