Paper Example on Bombardier 6500: Cost Factors & Performance Features

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The model of aircraft that the company chose is the Bombardier 6500; the aircraft is a business type jet. It is one of the best performing models in the market with fantastic features to consider (Lynch, Kerry, 12).

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Cost Factors

Acquisition Cost

According to Aircharteradvisors, the initial cost of the new Bombardier 6500 is $56 million; the price is determined by the efficiency ad performance of the aircraft. The technology used to make the aircraft was designated to cope with the changing aviation environments.

Operation Costs

An estimate operating cost based on 300hours annually includes:

Crew: $628,956

Hull insurance: $109,861

Hangar: $109,861

Liability insurance: $45,000

Annual cost: $804,614

Other costs

Hourly costs

Maintenance: $358

Fuel cost: $2,060 ($5.0 per gallon, fuel consumption 412 gallons per hour)

Engine reserves: $864

The approximate total operation cost is $1,946,174 in 300 hours a year.

Aircraft Characteristics

It is built in ample living space, and sheer comfort will refine exterior and interior design. This aircraft can give a total performance and offer a smooth ride to the customers; it has a stunning cabin and uses the technology of leading-edge wing to enable a heightened flight, and more importantly, it uses the new technology of engines. It has two engines, model class: jet-long range with 13 typical number of passages; however, it can carry up to 17 passengers. Based on Aircharteradvisors, the aircraft has the following characteristics

Aircraft dimensions: tail Hight, 25.6ft, wingspan 94. ft, length, 99.5. Ft, maximum takeoff weight, 99, 500.lbs, and MMO performance of 0.9.

Cabin dimensions in feet's: height, 6.2, width, 7.1, light, 43.3 and 3 cabin zones

Performance: maximum cruising speed: 516, the ceiling at 51,000 ft, take off distance, 6,370 feet, and landing distance of 2,236 feet.

Safety Factors


According to Bombardier, the aircraft is reliable because it completed its approval by FAA certification in three of the significant global jurisdictions before it was allowed to operate, it has also received a certification from EASA (LYNCH, KERRY, 10). It is made from fiber-optic materials


The Bombardier 6500 has an expanded engine maintenance engine capability, and maintenance cost is relatively affordable. Maintain ace coat dependence on the environmental conditions and the number of hours in operation.


The aircraft is a built-in new version of the technology with the capability to tolerate high flights and long distances. It uses redesign aerodynamics engine for lower fuel consumption.

In-Flight Characteristics

It is built in a wide cabin with total luxuriant has Nuage seats. The passengers can enjoy 4K displays, wireless internet connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity for music, and remote control of cabin components. It has a crew suite, conference suite, club suite, end suite, and private suite.

Environmental Factors

The Bombardier 6500 is made to suit and comply with environmental consideration. The technology used to make the aircraft can tolerate hot/high conditions with features of sufficient fresh air with turbo cool+ turbo heat. The cock bit clear vision, it combined with a high-tech vision to cope with environmental issues. It has high-tech engines that are less noisy.

Final Step

The aircraft is worth purchasing, based on the company's requirements and expectations, Bombardier 6500 is the best choice as it combines the necessary technologies to ensure customer satisfaction. Despite high acquisition cost and operation cost, the aircraft performs best in the market and can bring a lot of financial benefits within a shorts period. It agile and have the ability to effortlessly coping with the airfield's difficulties. The top factors to consider includes.

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