Paper Example on AWC's Debt: Uncovering the Core Causes

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2023-03-13


Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration organization faced a massive problem in the revenue allocation in the company, which dragged the company into debts. AWC was estimated to pay a total of $31000 to the town, which was agreed that AWC pays $9000 in 3 years (Farago, 2019). The overall challenge of AWC is the weak leadership operation system. The company managing director was still in the payroll of the town, causing the inclusion of the debt.

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Identify the Core Underlying Causes that would explain the Failure

In the past festival celebration, there was a poor marketing strategy; the brochures that were used in the previous B&B are still pinned in the location. This incident described poor marketing policy that was used by AWC previously. Relying on government funding was a massive challenge to AWC preparations (Farago, 2019). One of the significant difficulties of AWC is the level of revenue of the organization's operations. AWC could not run some of the essential activities in the event due to the high level of debt the company was undergoing.

Possible Alternatives Structural in Nature

The possible alternative for AWC is to create a strong partnership with other corporations and other business corporations. When AWC develops a mutual collaboration with other healthy and sustainable organizations in the market, the company will be in a position to raise more capital in running its activities in the market (Schummer & Petrie, 2012). The company also should elect an experienced and intelligent manager who will take part in monitoring, controlling, organizing and staffing activities in the firm. There should be a marketing policy for the company's operational system.

Recommend a Plan of Action

The recommended method of operation of the Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration is to employ an experienced and qualified manager in their organization. The manager will oversee different activities and establish a valid operating system. AWC organization should partner with reliable and lucrative corporates businesses in the market. Thirdly, the company should ensure that it uses the modern ways of marketing and communication to its customers. AWC should employ a financial officer who will be in charge of the money used in the organization.

State the Importance and Relevance of the case to the Business

The case on AWC helps the business manager to plan and control different activities in his or her company. The manager also will understand its customer taste and preference in the organization. The case gives the manager to develop an edge over their financial capabilities in an organization.


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