Paper Example on 5 Steps to Improve Managerial Communication

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Date:  2023-09-23


How might the steps in the communication process help managers and professionals do a better job? Communication refers to the information exchange process through nonverbal behavior, symbols, letters, and words. The entire communication process involves phases such as source, Encoding, media, decoding, and feedback. Therefore, the professionals and managers should understand the importance of getting feedback and responding accordingly to the sender to ensure efficient workflow.

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Some managers send text messages instead of telephoning or sending e-mails to employees and potential job candidates because they think this is how younger workers prefer to communicate. What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of using text messages to communicate in the workplace?

The current world prefers text messaging as opposed to other means due to being efficient in the communication process. Some of the managers prefer texting their employees or potential candidates due to the following reasons: messaging is the fastest and easiest way to communicate. Sharing information and data is also easy. Texting has greater efficiency than sending e-mails or telephoning. However, despite having advantages, some of the common disadvantages include electronic communication issues, results in poor workplace communication skills.

How would employees sending messages to each other on Twitter and Facebook during work hours to improve organizational communications?

Face book and twitter platforms are major factors contributing to building a firm organization community. The use of social media platforms within the organization strengthen the internal communication for an organization. It also allows direct customer engagement.

In what way is participating on a sports team, musical band, or orchestra good preparation for being a member of a workgroup on the job?

Through participation in the various activities, a team member participates in becoming a better team member through ways such as: allows the creation of an environment in which every individual’s effort is highly valued. It also stresses the fact that group decisions are better compared to the individual’s decisions. A group also allows information sharing.

Why is experience working on a cross-functional team particularly valuable for a person who aspires to a career in management?

The cross-functional team comprises of different professional fields. Therefore, anyone aspiring to a carreer in management benefits from gaining insight into diverse areas. The individual benefits from wide communication areas, which enhance the creation of positive teams.

To what extent are you concerned that your talents will go unnoticed if you are a strong team player?

A strong key player is defined by having skills that are identified. However, their efforts are only considered in terms of group participation. Communication for a strong team player helps in creating strong team cooperation despite diversity. Therefore, by being a strong team player, the talents do not go unnoticed.

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