Our Year Together: A Love Story of Promises Unfulfilled

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Date:  2023-03-29

The year 2016 had just started and our relationship was just a month old. People had different new year resolutions and aims. I had great plans, and my girlfriend was the epicenter of all my thoughts. Little did I know none of the plans would come to pass. I loved this lady so much and did not see any future without her. I had promised her so much and was willing to do everything to make sure I deliver my promises. We had great times together and we never saw an ending coming too soon as both of us were very happy as I could see it. We were in the first week of February and Valentine's Day was first approaching. I had to surprise her on that day since it's the day of lovers. The plans had to start early for the day to be successful and I had to make it a secret not to destroy the surprise. Everything was set three days before and I could not sleep well. I kept on thinking about that day and the love of my life. She was my first love after several years of heartbreaks and I could not afford to disappoint her.

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The day finally came, and I was excited to see her. I took her out to the place I had reserved for us. The surprise was well executed and she was really surprised and was happy. We were happy enjoying the delicious foods and sipping on red wine. I did not see any sign that this was the last moment of this relationship. Time was running out and it was time to go back home. I made a move to stand but she held me back. She touched my beards in a lovely manner and I could not hold back my smile. Then the real surprise came, "babe, I want us to break up!" the smiling face started to frown. I asked several questions that went unanswered. She could not give me any reason for the breakup but she was very sure the relationship was over. I could do nothing at this time to save our relationship as she had made her mind. She left and took a cab home.

Nothing could save me from my thoughts. Even alcohol could not destruct me from thinking about her and my desire for revenge, for breaking my heart. Crying could not help me either and the more I cried, the more the feelings overpowered me. The following day I did not go to school. When I finally went back to school, all eyes were on me. The creepy eyes showed something was wrong and everybody knew it. My friends were avoiding me and it made me more worried. I braved myself and asked a friend who did not want to be seen close to me. Then I heard the sweet and sour news. My girlfriend was missing. I thought it was good riddance since I could not face her anymore. Facing her would have proved very challenging since it was evident how broken I was after the breakup. Despite the relief I got from her missing, a major problem was looming. I was the major suspect in her case since I was the last person who was seen with her. She was feared dead since a body was found in the neighborhood burnt beyond recognition and a test was being done to identify the body.

Before I knew it, I was being arrested for the murder of my girlfriend. I could not say anything since the change of events amazed me. I was to prove I was innocent to those who had already made their minds about my case. The evidence was strong that it was impossible to convince the jury of my innocence. The DNA test together with the notes I had written of my desire to kill her, worked against me. My DNA was also found on the dead body. I could not believe she was dead since I still loved her and I wanted us to make up and be happy again. I knew I was being framed but no one could listen to that. No lawyer wanted to represent me since it was clear I had no chances. The whole world was against me judging me of the sin I did not commit.

I could not convince the jury of my innocence and be given a life sentence. At my young age, I could spend all my life in jail for the sin I did not commit. I felt like killing myself to avoid the sentence. Everyone had lost trust in me. My close friend and relatives did not believe I was capable of committing such a crime. All my dreams were now useless; I lost hope in love and could not see any future for me. However, one week later, new evidence streamed in suggesting my girlfriend was a drug trafficker. Together with other prominent drug dealers, they had faked her death and framed me for it. She was relocating to another country and did not want the police to search for her. I could not look at her when she was arraigned in court after my release. I often remember the moment as it changed me completely. I lose trust in people and lost many friends and nowadays I'm a loner most of the time.

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