Ops Management: Crucial Aspect for Orgs to Utilize Resources & Meet Goals - Essay Sample

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Operations management is a crucial aspect in an organization since it helps managers strategize on how to utilize the available resources and meet the organizational goals. Companies across the world are faced with stiff competition due to the changing dynamics in the market. Many of them are investing in effective management to utilize resources well, produce satisfactory output, and meet the organizational goal. The operations managers have unique roles in helping the management design processes that allow minimum cost and maximum benefits. Designing an operation process requires an in-depth understanding of the current and expected performance. Understanding the role played by operations management is crucial for the stability of a firm. Decision making requires a strategic plan to facilitate the smooth flow of processes in the organization, including the goals that should be met by each department. In this regard, the focus of this study is to explore operations strategy in Etisalat and provide recommendations for improving processes and the organizational goals.

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The Role of Operations Management in Designing Operations Strategy

Operations management can be understood as the activities that are done in the business to utilize resources effectively and produce desirable results. According to Reid and Sanders (2019), operations management involves actions that focus on streamlining supply and logistics, inventory, design, planning, and execution of processes in an organization, including the human capital to facilitate the achievement of organizational goals. It can best be understood as patterns and decisions made in an organization by embracing all factors that result in effective long-run strategy in an organization. The market dynamic in the current generation has shiftily changed due to the use of technology. Therefore, an organization needs to strategize on how to set up operations and remain relevant.

Etisalat is a popular Telecommunication company that provides services in at least 16 countries across Asia, the Middle East. The company has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi and remains a major competitor across the EUA. A strategic decision is an important aspect that the management must adapt to remain relevant in EUA and Africa. Tactical and operations decisions are some of the important components of operation strategy that will have to be made regarding the future of Etisalat due to the mushrooming companies and strategy to reach out to other regions across the world. Currently, Etisalat enjoys a lot of monopoly as the leading Telcom Company in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The company is strategizing to use TARGET strategy as one of the main decisions for remaining competitive in the market. According to Etisalat (n.d), TARGET strategy will enable Etisalat remain competitive in the market despite the geopolitical and macro-economic challenges it may face in the future. The strategy is based on focusing on the future to empower societies, employing innovation to fasten digitalization, and training employees to become assets in the changing dynamics. Besides, the strategy which supports the B2B approach to ensure expansion across MENA and change the operating companies into strongholds. As a result, Etisalat will have a competitive advantage in achieving organizational and market goals.

Analyzing Design of the Operations Process of Etisalat

Etisalat is currently operating in 16 countries across MENA. The company is, however, focusing on expanding its operations to other countries. The current operations process is managed by operating companies that form the Etisalat group. Some of the companies include Mobily-KSA, Gabon, Central African Republic, and Etisalat Misr-Egypt, among others. Geographical and macroeconomic aspects limit Etisalat's operations. Therefore, the current operations include MENA with a vision of having a global presence. The current operations of the company have a B2B footprint that allows collaboration with other firms and partners to expand the market. The company has a great pool of talents that are highly trained to provide specialized services to customers. According to Etisalat (n.d), the company has at least 148 million subscribers across 16 countries of its operations.

Etisalat operates using various platforms and technology levels. The company offers 3G mobile internet access to its subscribers. 4G internet has attracted more subscribers due to the speed and accessibility of the network. Broadband internet services, namely Al Shamil and eLife, is offered to the subscribers. Post-paid and prepaid dialup internet accesses are available channels used by the company. Etisalat has been actively involved in n updating its technology. Cloud technology is the latest investment that the company has been involved in to remain competitive in the market. The introduction of 5G internet access is expected to make the company more competitive in the region (Etisalat, 2020).

The operation process of Etisalat can be improved by streamlining online platforms and investing in advanced technology. The online platform allows effective communication with customers and expands the market. The company has highly invested in many processes that subscribers do not understand. Sensitizing customers will lead to more effective operations. The technical capacity in Etisalat is limited to serve additional customers without attracting failures. The cloud system provides a platform for streamline operations and ensuring the integration of internal and external operations. The investment in 5G internet accessibility requires an effective strategy to avoid utilizing a lot of resources for a failing project.

Innovative Solution for Global Supply Chain

Supply chain management is a crucial element that determines the success or failure of organizations. Etisalat has been operating in 16 countries, and its operations are not as difficult to manage compared to a global presence. However, it is essential to remember that the company is strategizing to go global as part of a long-term vision. Technology is an important tool that helps in streamlining supply chain management. Currently, Etisalat has invested in technology in dealing with its suppliers and other stakeholders involved in the supply chain, including physical ones. The company is committed to global environmental conservation for sustainability. Advancement in technology has changed how services are provided across the globe, and Etisalat should uphold the same. The first recommendation is to ensure that the company invests in the right technology, which allows fast processing of data and sale of services. The company should invest in social media platforms to reach out to as many stakeholders and possible. The current online sale methods are encouraging. However, more advancement in equipment and tools can facilitate a better supply chain. Additionally, the company should focus on hiring more talents to develop better programs for advanced technology.

The global supply chain can be advanced by investing in partnership with other companies. Etisalat should look into measures possible to improve its global supply chain by investing in franchises for easier operation in areas the company has no capacity of setting up more offices. Partnering with companies with more advanced technology and accessibility in new markets can allow Etisalat to have a better positioning in the market. Also, it is crucial to focus on internet enhancement as a means of advancing business.

Importance of Quality-Centered Planning

Quality-centered planning is an important strategic measure for ensuring the success of a business. According to EGyanKosh (n.d.), quality means the ability of a business to achieve the set goals by integrating its processes with quality. The planning process should be integrated with quality to ensure that customers get the services they require and are satisfied. Etisalat has to focus on measures for ensuring that the quality of its services is satisfactory as required by customers. Although the company is currently focused on pricing strategy, quality satisfaction is a crucial element that should be featured to meet the organizational mission and vision. An organization will not be in the market for long if customers perceive its products and services as poor or unsatisfactory because of the possibility of stiff competition.

Lean Sigma theory provides a platform for analyzing the importance of quality-centered planning in an organization. According to Sodhi, Singh, and Singh (2019), lean is a strategic approach used to streamline processes in an organization by ensuring that wastes reduction and a good flow of activities are followed. Etisalat can tap the approach to streamline its activities by ensuring that the qualities of services the company provides are efficient and have no waste elements in all forms. The process would require an analysis of a plan, do, check, and act (PDCA). As a result, all processes and operations would flow faster, economically, and efficiently to satisfy the customers and the organization. The six sigma strategy focuses on define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) aspects in an organization. Any quality-centered planning should ensure that the problem in a firm is defined, any aspect to be checked is quantified, possible causes of a challenge are defined, and improvement measures are in place. As a result, the organization can have full control of the operation (GoLeanSixSigma.com, 2020). Etisalat can focus on such a strategy by improving the logistic issues to obtain global competitiveness.

Problem Solving Tools for Managing Projects

The management of Etisalat, to ensure a suitable operations strategy requires research and development as the main tools for achieving the set goals. The organization should focus on establishing innovative means of improving its processes by investing in research to evaluate suitable means of operating the company in the UAE. The reason for the argument is based on the understanding that companies operating in the UAE have the potential to compete due to the availability of resources that can be used for research globally. Hiring talents is a crucial aspect that the organization should undertake to solve problems facing it. Organizations in the developed countries have overcome some of the challenges that Etisalat is undergoing at the moment. Investing in hiring such talents will result in the sharing of knowledge and expertise. The local employees can be trained on how to manage various processes for improvement. The same case applies to the use of standardized machines that would lead to improved outcomes.

The focus of this study was to explore operations strategy in Etisalat and provide recommendations for improving processes and the organizational goals. As observed in the study, Etisalat is a leading telecommunication company operating in 16 countries in MENA. The company can have a global presence by streamlining its operations processes based on research and application of advanced technology in its operations. The study has covered the role of operations management and evaluated the design of the operations process. Quality-centered measures for satisfying customers, problem-solving criteria, and use of innovation have been explored, among others. Further research should look into the designing of an effective operations strategy.


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