Open Sesame Essay

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Date:  2022-04-04

Open Sesame is one of the popular folklore that has been read by millions of people in the world. It has also been interpreted by different authors from one language to another with the aim of reaching a wider audience (Yu & Shen, 2015). The translation process requires the authors to capture the original content of the story and write it in the local language without changing the main meaning. However, this is one the challenges facing authors since the language used to write the folklore is not their first language. This justifies the different versions of one story as narrated by the various authors. The version of Open Sesame, written by Tom Seainin is different from that by Tom Cutter.

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Both versions recognize that two brothers existed and their wealth capacities were different, prompting them to live in separate areas. Seainin version claims that the poor brother was in the woods one day and witnessed people going in a cliff, and after muttering some words, 'Open up Same' the door would open up and close after the 'Shut same.' With his wisdom and risk-taking abilities, he used the same approach and gathered gold that would make him rich. However, on Cotter's version, he gives the two brothers names as a way to identify them, McMahon. The poor brother kindled as a way of earning a living and when in the forest one day, saw men hit a tip on a certain rock and muttered, 'Open Sesame.' He did the same and collected large amounts of gold. This illustrates the need to be patient in life despite the struggles and challenges that one might be going through since at some point, there will be a breakthrough that will help change things (Huang, 2014). However, it is also important to seize opportunities and use them.

In the first version, the poor brother informed his rich brother on the things he had witnessed when in the forest, which gave him the interest to check and see if he would grow richer than he was at that time. The rich man's wife has used a trick to find a residue in the weighing machine that the poor man had borrowed. However, his greed did not allow him to have the patience to wait for the words which were supposed to let him come out safely. Hence, the owners of the gold found him inside and killed him. However, in the second narration, the poor bother is discreet and does not inform his sibling about the source of his wealth. The rich man's wife only finds out after she rechecks the grease she had applied on the pot borrowed to weight the gold the poor man had collected in the forest. Even though she finds out about the gold, it is too late since the once poor person had already become richer than her husband.

Wisdom is important in life (Bianchi, Oakley, & Kwon, 2012). For instance, the rich man's wife used tricks in both versions of the Open Sesame story, with the intention of finding out information about the low-income family. For instance, she applied grease and flour in Cotter's and Seainin's approach respectively. This allowed her to get the required information without the need of engaging in conversations that would have had lies or caused conflicts and disputes between the two families.


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