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Omantel Company takes the lead in the telecommunication sector in Oman and has been bringing people, families, and organizations together for more than four decades. Moreover, the company has effectively associated all aspects of the Omani people groups to one another and also with the other parts of the world. Omantel's developing corporate client base incorporates both the financial and banking administration services, besides oil and gas organizations, independent ventures, and Government Ministries. The administrations offered to the corporate portion include ADSL, versatile postpaid and paid ahead of time, rented lines, 3.5G web plans, IP MPLS, Internet Leased Lines, Email and Web Hosting, and International Private Leased Circuits. Omantel is the premier broadcast communications organization in Oman and has been bringing people, families, and organizations together for four decades and has effectively associated all pieces of the Omani people group to one another and with the remainder of the world.

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Omantel Services

Omantel has been ranked as the leading organization in Oman for the fourth back to back year in the yearly OER Top Twenty organizations - showing by and by the crucial job that the broadcast communications monster plays in the Omani economy, its improvement, and making thriving. Its prosperity on the MSM is an unmistakable marker of the manner in which that investigators and speculators are supporting Omantel's business system of consolidating its essential tasks into one brought together business offering fixed, versatile and web answers for its clients and its pledge to carrying the most exceptional media communications innovation to the Sultanate.

Background Information

There are several vital parts that deem essential within the organization. These would range from a set up the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority under the Royal Decree No. (30/2002) to complete the arrangement for the improvement of the media communications area and the activity of its administrative job to keep up the interests everything being equal. Besides, the decree was also based on the confirmation of new organizations to work for this imperative division, and there are numerous interchanges organizations in Amman. Most strikingly Oman - Telecommunications - Omantel - and Oman Mobile - have been advanced Oman Telecommunications Company - Omantel - 30% of the offers on the Muscat Securities to people in general. In addition, an agreement with a progression of steps to build the organization's capital and extend systems, and the foundation of transfer stations new stations and increment the development, and give imaginative administrations and limited costs to remain Omantel and Oman Mobile organizations more prominent and more extensive as far as administrations in the Sultanate. The Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel), the most significant media communications specialist co-op in the Sultanate of Oman. Where a restraining infrastructure on neighborhood telephone utility, global and cell phone messages, and the Internet.

Omantel Telecommunication Company is a company based on offering telecommunication services. The company is located in Oman, whose ownership is 51% by the government, and the rest 49% by the public. The company serves as the primary internet service provider in the country, thus signaling a significant role for most of the country's operations that depend on the internet for its services in addition. Omantel's HR is considered the best HR in the Middle East and North Africa in engaging its employees. Omantel was awarded because of its excellence in engaging its employees by enabling the right culture among the employees as well as the questioners of satisfaction, besides how the company is flexible and transparent with its employees (Muscat Daily News, 2017). This made Omantel as the best company and the targeted firm to all the workers across the country. Every worker in all different fields started to apply for a job at Omantel, and to keep this level of "most wanted to be at," Omantel had to invent some new ways and techniques of how to keep their employees happy besides being flexible with them.

Managerial Challenges

Like any other company in the world, challenges are always a part of any business that strives to thrive towards a successful horizon. Similar problems are thus associated with Omantel Company from various angles of view. These may range from marketing and sales, up to the internal organization of the business. Basically, any challenge would pave its way through financial attachment since, in most cases, every operation, whether within the company or outside the company, would lead to financial incurrences. Omantel has been facing a series of economic issues associated with employee's special treatment within the company. Flexibility level towards the Omantel's staff has contributed in a paramount way towards magnifying the problems that are facing the company. In this report, a detailed analysis shall be carried out based on the three major issues that seem to jeopardize the financial control behavior from within the company.

Thesis Statement

The report shall analyze the causes of such issues, their effect, and the best possible solutions available to curb the situation at hand. The significant concerns that the report shall dwell in are as follows: Vehicles with unlimited paid fuel - utilized mainly by the network engineers on both routine and emergency tasks for the company's networking support success. Mobile handsets with paid bills -used by all staff but misused in the case whereby they use it for personal purposes other than the company's roles. And finally, the remote attendance system - workers use a USSD system to sign in and out of a job, but can do that whether within the working premises or out since the system is not location-based sensitive. In addition, a detailed analysis of the leadership or management style at Omantel Company shall be emphasized with the focus of generating solutions to the cause-effect factors within the organization.

Figure 1.1; showing the fishbone logical structure of Omantel Company.

Fish Bone's cause and effect analysis method, in this case, clearly shows how the company suffers from a range of indirect financial mishandling effects. From the diagram above, the issue to do with excellent staff bill discounts is seen to emanate from laxity within the human resources management in conjunction with other relevant departments responsible for initiating control measures on the usage limits. It is once again very clear from the diagram that there are two leading causes of this problem. The first one is in the case whereby the system can allow staff members to accrue more discounts that they deserve. The principal purpose of this effect is the lack of a monitoring tool that would create the necessary restrictions to deter the discount access going beyond the set upper limit.

Secondly, financial expenditure regarding the use of vehicles by the network engineers both in terms of fuel and depreciation value of the cars is seen to be caused by lack of a proper tracking/monitoring system that would make the users bear the expenses in the case of unjustified trips or private usage. Similarly, the third issue is also seen to be caused by laxity in the office management to monitor who could have signed in using the USSD but did not show up in the place of work.

The benefit of utilizing the fishbone method is to burrow further, to go past the underlying episode report, to comprehend better what in the association's frameworks and procedures are causing the issue so that they can be tended to. According to this method, it is evidently clear that the root cause of the financial problems felt by the company from its staff is due to the lack of a unique monitoring system or a tool that would regulate improper utilization of the company's resources.


Omantel management exhibits a Laissez-Faire leadership style. There are so many signs that prove that this form of leadership style is highly adopted, primarily based on how the management treats its staff members. Laissez-Faire is a leadership style in which the supervisory department gives almost no bearing and gives employees; however, many opportunities as could reasonably be expected. All position or power is given to the employees, and they should decide objectives, decide, and resolve issues alone. This French expression signifies "leave it be" and is utilized to depict a manager who leaves their partners to continue ahead with their work. It very well may be viable if the manager screens what is being accomplished and imparts this back to their group typically. Frequently, free enterprise initiative works for groups in which the people are experienced and gifted self-starters. Tragically, it can likewise allude to circumstances where managers are not applying adequate control.

The disadvantage of this type of style is sure just for the situation when the workers are entirely dependable and in the event of innovative employments where an individual is guided by his own yearnings. In these cases, less course is required so that this style can be significant. This style has more hindrances on the grounds that generally, it is the aftereffect of the absence of enthusiasm of the manager that prompts his embracing this style. It demonstrates poor administration and understands bearing and core interest. The lack of engagement of the administration and initiative makes the workers become less intrigued by their activity and their disappointment increments.

In regard to the way Omantel management handles situations in terms of control measures related to the workers, it can clearly be seen that employees have excessive freedom to choose on what to do under the assumption that they will do what is right and in the proper manner. The evidence is seen in the case whereby staff members are able to sign in remotely while still at their home premises and fail to attend to work, thereby signing out in the evening as a sign that they have now left the working premises. Freedom of choice thus appears to be uncontrollable since their punishments are not given upon such misconducts.

The company has thus been losing a lot of money via discounts given to its employees as a motivational factor whereby workers would spend more than required due to a lack of a limiting system. The leadership style at Omantel is continuously a vital factor on how the employees truly act inside the association, in Omantel all administration are adaptable, and their entryways are always open, beginning from the CEO till the pros. These directors can viably motivate the representatives and direct them in the correct method for utilizing these advantages. Omantel needs to instruct the staff by leading mindfulness sessions to their workers, disclosing to them how abusing such dominance is hurting the salary of the firm by raising the expe...

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