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Old Colony house is one of the most iconic public building that looks like a private building, but it was designed for state purposes. Richard Munday designed it in 1741, and he was known to construct serval architectural structures (Scully & Vincent 2). The building is a 2.5 story building that has some staircase in the front door. There is a basement that can be noted from outside amd above tye basement windows. There are reddish bricks that are used to complete the other parts. The basement is elevated above with a three-course belt, which clearly shows t6hat is a different area from other parts of the building. The interior of the building is made to fit public needs since it has a large room having dimensions of 40 by 80 feet. There is a flat top alongside a gable roof; this is a combination of both private and state-building. The large room inside the building resembles a domestic architecture that can be used as a living room. The main reason as to why the building is structured in both domestic and state designs is for the loyal and close relationship of the United States residents and the colonizers. The building also resembles the Cahokia courthouse, which is also a state historic building with domestic architecture. It is a revolution that sparked out of French and Canadian people see fig.1.

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Fig.1: The floor design

The first floor has several rooms which can host every member of the public, but the second floor looks more private, but all the offices are used to serve the public. For instance, it is clear that in the first the rooms shown in the figure for the first flow shows public features but the offices in the second like mayors and councils offices are a bit private.

Comparing and Contrasting

Peter Harrison was famous for his work of designing colonial architects in many places in the world. He managed to design two of the most iconic and historic buildings, which are the Brick Market and king chapel in Boston mass. Brick Market was a public market place which was used to by the colonials and the patriots (Whiffen, Marcus, &Frederick Koeper 24). Both structures were used to influence something to the people; for instance, the king Chapel was a religious center where people could be baptized and get educated about catechism services. The building takes the space of any religious structure such as those build in Europe. It had congregation n that was composed of those people loyal to the king, such as military officers, government officials, and another wealthy merchant. The building had a wooden house structure that was specified for the royal authorities.

On the other hand, Brick Market was designed in a way that imitated the England architects and offices. However, the locals did not like the king chapel as compared to local's perceptions of Brick Market. Brick Market has some elements such as triangular windows pediments, alternating regular arched, and pilaster and arcade on the upper and lower floors, respectively. The top floor was converted to a public theatre while the ing chapel was designed for a selected group of individuals. Both buildings have been changed their appearances on many occasions as too much with recent appearances. However, a building such as the Brick Market has managed to maintain its market structure and public loyalty.

Physical Setting, Environmental Context and Architecture of Acoma Pueblo

Acoma Pueblo has located in Mesa Valencia in Mexico, and it depicts the culture of Mexico people and other Hispanic groups. Houses in for Spain in North America took the structure that would fit the factors of climate and environmental aspects. For instance, there is a large area in Mexico that has plateaus, valleys, deserts, and adjacent mesas. Rhe landscape symbolism led to the culture of architectural designs in Mexico. The blocks of the architectures follow sequential steps which move to the south directions so that it sways from the Kaweshtima slopes. Canyons through mesas are represented by the north ans southern alleys, which seems to subdivide the large block. Further, the architecture comprises of straw plasters, adobe, and steeped stones which are in consideration of prevailing wind and sun. There us a Most house in mesa has five rooms on the ground and two to one other room in other consecutive floors. Interior lighting is maintained and no devoid of the opening facing the north side.

The walls in the building are butted against each other alongside combination rock and adobe or bricks. walled Atriio in the front face of the building towards the east to conform to the prevailing wind. The roofs of the architecture are flat with vigas and pine logs, adobe mud filling, and scrub cedar branches see fig.2. The interior designing and structuring would be considered to follow the purpose of the building. For instance, places like a palace, chapel, and offices would measure about 400 by 800 ft but would also face the mountains it was for their cultures see fig.4.

Fig.2: Palace of the governor

Fig.3 side view of Taos Pueblo

Fig.4: Acoma Pueblo considering environmental aspects

Spanish Colonial Mission Churches

St. Francis of Assisi Rose de Taos and San Jose y San Miguel de aquayo are two chapel structures which has several almost the same features regarding Spanish colonial culture and architecture. Spanish colonial mission churches were built to have an adobe structure, and they have cyclical- curved buttresses (Satie & David 96). These churches had ha design that reduced the number of rooms in a chronological manner see fig.5.The churches have roofs that are supported by vigas and logs. The peaked room of the churches is composed of a long cross and a bell. All those churches preached the message of hope to the people to joins all other people to Christianity.

These churches were built in consideration of the landscape and environmental aspects. There are several offices in the church which was designed for the royal and influential characters. The churches mentioned earlier are built in a place where they conform to climate changes; there is a hot arid with hot temperatures. Theref9re the architectures knew that it would be unconducive to the public considering the walls had adobe and mud; this is the reason as to why the exterior is arched.

Fig.5: Colonial churches interior designing of distinctive floors

Describing the Louisiana Plantation House

Louisiana plantation House has several designs coupled together to serve distinguished practices, especially religious matters. The structure of the building could be classical (with a cone roof) and gothic (pyramid top) in nature. For instance, Pointe Coupee Parish has both conical and pyramid top and brown walls/. People in Paris, Louisiana have different social classes, and the poor and the rich did not live in the same areas. Therefore, such a building was designed for all people into consideration of distinguished demography. For instance, the Indians dominated the coastal areas; this is the reason why there are a back swap and prairies. The local authority and the merchant class decided to make such places accessible to everyone. People are mainly dependent on agricultural, and they planted sugarcane as their main cash crop; this is the Pointe Coupee Parish located new schools sugarcane companies and new roads. The plantation house brought the upper and lower class together, but it never went as planned since the building was affiliated with politics. The building has had several changes as times and seasons change. Chrysler Building also takes the pyramid and gothic architecture and French architects used, see fig.6. It also faces the manhattan side which shows the demographic diversity

Fig.6: Turing historical architecture to a modern look

Summarizing the Main Focus of Other Researches

Faneuil in Boston is a red brick building constructed back in 1742 by John Smybert. The building was used as a market place for the public since they were dependent on peddlers, hawkers, and home deliveries. This topic is interesting because it touches on the landscapes, cultures, and interests of the individual and the public. Other buildings have shown that there is a relationship between people's culture and the type of building they make. People in the United States started feeling that they were not represented, but they were just required to pay taxes to the British Empire. It was a meeting place for the public; Faneuil was composed of some European architecture which the public was not happy with. People like Samuel Adamas propagated for the American Revolution following some crises such as an American tea party. Charles Bulfinch, in 1805-1806, added the 3rdf floor and added the height and width of the building (Lee & Shannon 10). Some new materials were added to change historical and culture s perspective around the building, see fig.7. Further public places needed to be accessed by everyone; therefore, Charles Bulfinch considered space and planning.

Fig.7: Historical design before modification

Fig.8: Modern designing of interior

Fig.9: Making public places accessible

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