Nurses' Collective Bargaining: Protecting Rights Since 1935 - Free Report Example

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Date:  2023-11-18

In 1935, congress enacted the National Labor Relations. The main aim of adopting this labor relation was to protect every employee and also their employers. This movement aimed to prevent disputes from occurring in the work environment, thereby encouraging the day-to-day activities to flow as per the expectation. Employees' collective bargaining refers to the process by which nurses working in a particular health facility can request for their rights through their unions via the union leaders. These rights include: increased salary, leaves, security for the nurses, balancing family and work, and many other reasons. In the following essay, we will learn whether nurses should or should not join this labor relationship.

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The unions in health care are the medium of communication used by healthcare employees to pass their interests to their employers. Each association has a leader who acts as a representative of the entire employees. Therefore, the employers are keen to hear from the union representative and, hence, react to the issues raised. Thus, the unions are essential for the operation of the health facilities. Additionally, employees can raise their voices and ask for leaves (martinet or sick leaves), an increase in salary, and provision of security especially for those nurses who work during late hours and are given off, which may help the employee to be able to balance their working time with the family time.

It is costly to join existing labor unions, especially for the new nurses. All nurses are forced to join the association to be part of the existing nurses. Failure to participate would result in negative feedback. Therefore, each nurse is forced to join the labor union. Each labor union charges differently, and the entry fee, as well as the monthly charges, are charged individually. Therefore each nurse will be forced to dig deep to have a clear understanding of the existing labor unions before joining.

Additionally, nurses waste a lot of time attending these labor union meetings. The labor unions at the state, have a scheduled period at which it should happen. Even in case of emergency, nurses will be forced to attend the union meeting instead of carrying out their duties of saving lives. Unions are of great importance to the health facilities because of associations better communication between the employees and the employers. More is likely to be attained via the labor unions than when we do not have any labor unions. On the other hand, the unions' management should be carried out by professionals to achieve more in these unions.


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