Nonverbal Communication Tools and Distances Between People Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-04

How much distance do people keep between themselves and others?

Most people in public gathering prefer walking in groups especially if they are related in any way. The lack of relation leads to people distancing themselves from those around them in queues and pathways.

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Does the distance vary as the situation changes? When more crowded

The act of keeping distance acts as a form of nonverbal communication and is mostly defined by the relationship status of the group. The paper aims at analyzing a situation example at the mall and determining factors that cause the distance maintenance. Due to human instincts the distance is much bigger when they a crowd as compared to when no crowd.

Does the distance vary among different people with different relationship?

Malls are usually crowded, and most people who visit malls do it in groups. The usual groups within malls often are families, family members hold hands and move together close to each other. Different families however maintained distance within the setting not only during movement but also when queuing up to pay for goods purchased. The distance proves that range that is kept in such environments often time exists as a form of nonverbal communication which is defined by the relationship that exists among them.

What kind of behaviors occurs if the normal distances are violated?

The distance allows people to avoid conflict and in most cases when the range was violated people apologized to each other. In extreme cases, battles would ensue, and failure to address them effectively would lead to violent behaviors among the groups.

Explain the use of marker in the setting.

People are much comfortable in the setting when getting instructions from the markets since it wastes more time to start asking. This makes the makers the key items that give detailed and trusted information on the directions to be used

What kind of the Eye communication is used in this setting?

Eye contact, in this case, was used to pass on different information within the mall. Too much eye contact in most cases was used as a warning sign whereas little eye contact existed between people who were unrelated and had no interest in each other. Extended eye contact was also used by those aiming at socializing to form bonds between them and those they intended to approach.

Is there any use of haptic in this setting? Explain how

Most people within the mal prefer holding hands with those they are related to. Haptic, in this case, prevents one from feeling helpless or isolated making it a very emotional type of communication. Touch, in this case, defined the emotional connection that existed among people.


Nonverbal communication tools are essential for passing on information among people. Most people tend to utilize them unconsciously in public settings to exhibit emotions, relationship status, and interests. Hence making them vital for communication within the society.

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