Network Architecture Overview for the Bank. Thesis Example.

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It is no doubt that the technological environment has advanced at an unprecedented pace and in particular network architecture. Network architecture essentially infers to the setup of the network. Network architecture comprises of the software, hardware as well as communication protocols. Information is always transmitted in wireless or wired connection. The network is categorized based on the mode it occupies in and the area like WAN and LAN. According to Bykova, Ostermann & Tjaden, (2001, March) it can be categorized into different kinds such as PEER-TO-PEER that is best for a small geographical region, server architecture where the network the network offered a well-integrated network operating system which fosters the distribution of resources in the network topology and server which defines how the wired network is managed or rather run.

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This architectural design comprises of three unique distractors that are embraced to benefit the specific distinctive diverts that are in the figure. The three specific pieces include;

Integrated Network-based Services: this is the first distractor. Notably, when sending administrations that are using a conveyed show. The integrated network-based service is conceived to hold the best measure of adaptability as well as have the best solution with regards to cost adequacy and usefulness. These administrations can be incorporated and conveyed intimately with one another taking into account the ultimate goal to have the best experience.

Network infrastructure: this is the second aspect and the strategy for basis sending is selected by the type of the administration being implemented. For example, Saabs (Software-as-a-Service) is now being actualized as an on-request or off-premise plan more for administrations such as texting, email and talk. Despite this form of implantation may be able to work admirably for these administrations, various administrations are better attained with an on-premise arrangement plan (Roesch, 1999, November).

Applications: the third distractor is applications. It is important that the attained applications are implemented and that it gives the client the desired experience. The application piece can give this usefulness by supporting all specific kinds of utilizations without taking into account whether they are exceptionally incorporated shared applications or the standard undertaking application.

User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

The above sample indicates the banking application. It represents the classes of the banking system as well as the existing cohesion between them. The diagram can be embraced and used by financial enterprises and banks.

The example shows the management of an account application. On the below chart, it shows the classes of the managing an accounting framework as well as the connections between them. Consequently, this graph can be implemented by budgetary and banks undertakings.

Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

TCP/IP is a two-layer program with the higher layer being the transmission control protocol and deals with the amassing of a record or message into little bundles which are conveyed over the internet and obtained by a transmission internet protocol, layer which mimics the parcels into the first message. The internet protocol is in the lower layer manages the address, some portion of all parcel with the primary objective that it gets the desired goal. Every portal PC on the system checks the delivery to examine where to forward the message. Regardless of the fact that some bundles from a similar message directed particularly in contrast to others and that they will be reassembled at the destination (Bernstein, Rajagopalan & Saha, 2003). Furthermore, transmission/internet protocol embraces the customer/server model of correspondence in which the PC customer requests for and gets an administration such as sending a webpage by another server or PC within the system. Consequently, TCP/IP correspondence is indicated the point where every correspondence is from the host in the system to another host or point.

3. Internet packets 4.IP address schemes

A tending to plan is no doubt integral for correspondence in a personal computer organize. With the aid of a tending plan, bundles can be sent from one area to another. All the three layers which are 2, 3 and 4 of the TCP/IP convention stack indicate produces a header. From the below figure, one speaks with host 2 through a system which comprises of 7 hubs, that is from R1 all through to R7 and a payload of information typified in a casing by the connection layer header. Furthermore, the system layer header, as well as the vehicle layer header, has continued the connection. Within any of these three headers, each goal or source is doled out an address as recognizable evidence for the evaluation convention layer. These three sorts of locations are later abridged as takes.

The three sorts of location are:

Network (Layer 3) address: this is a 4-byte (32-bit) field which is known as an internet protocol (IP) address that is spoken to by a 4-field speck isolated number. According to Moore, Ellison & Linger, (2001) looking for an example, where every field is one byte long.

Link (Layer 2) address: this is a 6-byte which denotes to a 48-bit field known as media access control (MAC) delivers which is often spoken to by a 6-field hexadecimal number like 89-A1-33-2B-C3-84 wherein every field there are two types of bytes in length.

Transport which is the fourth layer address is a two-byte (16-bit) field known as the port number which is spoken to by a 16-bit number such as 4,892. In this particular case, the port numbers create a distinction between the two end hosts ports which are in correspondence.

5. Well-known ports and applications

Some of the main ports to be used within the bank system include the following protocols;

Ideally, interruption identification as well as interruption counteractive action are primary in order to keep the undertaking secure as well as gratefully, there are minimal interruptions discovery framework (IDS) as well as interruption anticipation framework business and open source devices which are available and can reduce a portion of the cerebral pains which are associated with dealing as well as sending with these advances.

In a smaller learning guide that is a piece of the IDS/IPS Security Guide, experts, as well as security administrators, will find out about the components as well as the capacities of the absolute prominent IDS/IPS devices which can be easily accessible today and how to utilize them in operation.

Identify Information Security Attacks

With the advent of modern technologies, the present-day level of innovation, as well as the society's consistent relationship with the internet, allows more innovativeness in business than ever before incorporating the bootleg market. People are becoming more and more creative and innovative allowing the cyber criminals to devise new approaches that are better in tapping the touchiest systems on earth. Therefore, securing business information is a developing test and mindfulness is the first step. Kinds of threats include;

Session hijacking: session capturing in software architecture is the abuse of a genuine PC session to increase unapproved access to administrations or data in a PC framework. In particular, it is utilized to conform to the burglary of an enchantment treat used in verifying a client on a server that is remote. Session hijacking has distinct pertinence to web designers since the HTTP treats used to keep up a session on different sites can be stolen by an assailant embracing a go-between PC on the casualtys PC.

A man-in-the-middle is an assault where a noxious on-screen character embeds her/himself into a discussion between two gatherings mimics both sides then accesses information that the two are trying to send to one another. It allows a malevolent performing artist to catch, get and send information meant for another person or data that is intended to be sent without either of the sides realizing until it is past the point of no return. The figure below shows this happens;


This is a PC framework which is setup to go about as a fake to draw cyber attackers and also to identify, ponder or divert endeavors to increase unapproved access to data frameworks. High-Association honeypots impersonate the exercises of a creation framework and catch a wide range of data which is unadulterated honeypots are generation frameworks utilizing a tap on the honeypots connection to the system. Therefore, enough as well a secure information technology system is integral in any organization as information is saved away from unauthorized individuals.

There are some principles of the IT systems that are applicable and of use in the design of the network security architecture. Some of the principles entail Defense in depth that makes sure that the protection of the IT systems are based on different security zones and Compartmentalization that ensures that the IT system is in different geographical locations. Enough protection of the IT system is very essential and necessity as it ensures that any document is not accessed by any unauthorized person. Some of other principles that are applicable include the choke point, the weakest link in the chain and simplicity. Security of the architecture is divided into various security zones which entail application server zone, web server zone, and database server zone (Moore, 2010). E-commerce architecture system gives IT proves networking in various fields and working environments and deals with the internet threats such as the hacking of the system, malicious codes and the dos attack. In the data security area, the data center architecture is required as it gives maximum security in the use of data repositories and serves. The data center architecture is made up of the e-commerce systems. The high security is brought about mainly by the data center stores in the IT fields of various customers. The network data center entails the core network, the edge services, and the network services.

False Negatives and False Positives

Interruption location, as well as the counteractive action frameworks, came by the strong sticker price. Also, once introduced, it is possible for one to easily complete his assets if one did not settle on an educated purchasing choice or didnt know how to operate very well. Trying to amount the danger of digital assaults due to the programming Applied-False positives and false negatives happen to every interruption location and interruption counteractive action framework.

This paper proposes a system for a negative/positive appraisal that has multiple/IPSs to collect FN and FP cases from rue movement and thereby investigate the cases. For about 1.25 years, more than 2000 FPs and FNs have been collected and dissected. From this factual investigation, there are three derivations that can be made. Firstly, more than 92.85 percent of the false cases are FPs despite the possibilities that the amounts of the assaults sorts for FP and FN are comparative. This can be considered on the higher side because of the configuration of the application substance that is self-characterized or the conduct of the users. This means that it is not finished conformance to the details of RFCs.

In the same effect, when the proposed system attains IPS with strict location controls, its movement will be viewed as a malevolent activity causing a great deal of FPs. The second derivation from the factual results is that 91% of the FP alarms are the same to approximately85% of the false cases, and they are not identified with the security issues but instead the administration approach (Faleg, 2012). This is evide...

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