Nau Mai: Coworking Marketing Strategies for Remote Workers, Small Companies - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-01


Nau Mai is a company located in Hamilton City New Zealand devoted to the development of coworking marketing strategies that share the location, facilities, and other services to specific demography. The company targets remote workers or freelancers, Small companies or teams, and some corporate clients of mostly low to middle-income socio-economic class. The objective of the company is to simplify the innovative process while providing desirable work-life stability.

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Social Media Assessment

Nai Mai

The company’s social media history offers numerous attractive aspects that market its services and facilities as well as for its clients. Among the first attractive or commendable activities by the company is the use of its client’s products and services to promote the company. By marketing both the company and the client, they can promote their facilities while providing clients with the needed market base to be successful. Secondly, while marketing the company and its clients, they post on their social media platforms regularly. The regular posts provide reliability for its clients and consumer base in the understanding of the company’s objectives and recognizing the various products and services available. Finally, the assessment of the company’s social media history identified it targets almost all age groups. However, the success of the company’s social media presence is limited by its periodic inactivity. The company periodically becomes inactive on social media, thereby missing numerous opportunities.

Panama NZ

Panama NZ is a competitor in the coworking space community. It is based on 15 Grantham Street, Hamilton. However, unlike Nai Mail, the company is more developed and offers a diverse working environment to meet the needs of its consumers. Panama NZ proudly identifies itself through its social media platforms, the various locations they have as well as settings offered. The assessment of the company’s social media presence recognized its constant posting activities as well as the target audience. Unlike Nai Mai, which offers personalized as well as professional services, Panama NZ offers mainly professional services, with some policies relaxed for the benefits of its client base. However, the company is limited by the fact that it barely markets its client base. Nai Mai actively markets its clients making it more attractive to startups and individuals or teams seeking recognition. Panama NZ, on the other hand, primarily attracts the younger generation clients with its modern designs.

Social Media Use Objectives, Recommendations and Justifications

Nai Mai’s objective of social media use is to market itself and the services provided but also to market its clients providing necessary pathways for success. Therefore, their use of social media is mainly for the purposes of brand awareness. The notion is supported by the numerous posts on the company’s facilities and how they have benefited numerous active clients. Though the approach by the company is practical and attractive, it should focus more on visual content (Hutter et al., 2013). Most of the images are hard to understand their purposes until the comments are read. The company should use more descriptive visual content to allow potential clients to understand their objectives visually. Lastly, visual content on social media is more appealing compared to text, thereby making them accessible.

Management Plan Suggestions

The company’s objective is to increase its brand awareness by posting the services offered and client products at a steady interval of one day. For effective marketing as well as brand awareness, it would be essential to liaison with Nai Mai’s social media team to increase marketing. The mutual agreement would allow for both parties to broaden their market base benefiting each other. With increased work load the best approach to balancing social media presence and increased demand is by social media automation (Bruhn et al., 2012). The process optimizes social media interactions through automated tools. They have various functions among them scheduling posts ahead of time as well as republishing features. The system allows for managers to preset their desired posts and continue attending to market demand.

Depending on the tool to be used, the automation and management of several accounts is possible. Among the various tools that offer the previously identified features is Later. It is a free tool that has both computer-based and smartphone-based applications offering flexibility to the users. The application allows the user to manage numerous accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and others. Upon signing in the user can plan the number of posts and to be posted at a specific time and platform. The flexibility is its most defining feature. The recommendations offered are a simplified approach to increasing brand awareness.


Bruhn, M., Schoenmueller, V., & Schäfer, D. (2012). Are social media replacing traditional media in terms of brand equity creation?. Management Research Review, 35(9), 770-790.

Hutter, K., Hautz, J., Dennhardt, S., & Füller, J. (2013). The impact of user interactions in social media on brand awareness and purchase intention: the case of MINI on Facebook. Journal Of Product & Brand Management, 22(5/6), 342-351.

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