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Date:  2022-10-20

Nation building is a process that involves structuring and construction of new national identity using the power of the stage. The method of nation-building is aimed at unifying people within the state with the intention of making it politically stable and viable in the long run. Nation building could be made possible through the use of propaganda or the utilization of significant infrastructure development to foster economic growth and social harmony. It also involves the development of values, institutions, language, behaviors and physical structures that protect the present and future identity of the nation. Being a new nation at the Miami Island, the kind of democracy I would propose would be that which both the government and civilians have power through elected representatives. For the new state, I suggest a democracy that rests upon the principles of majority rule and individual rights. In the new nation's freedom, I also make a proposition that the modern democracy understands that its prime function is to protect the fundamental human rights, one that conducts regular free and fair elections and one whose society is committed to the values of compromise, tolerance, cooperation, and peace.

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For the new nation, I propose the name Steel City. The name steel will be used symbolically to signify honor, human strength and victory after persistence. Because the country is new and seeks to serve its people in honesty, I propose a constitution of transparency. In transparency, the public will have no right to access any classified information until a period of 20 years. In openness, the new constitution will give power to the judiciary. The ability to categorize information will be vested in the court with an oversight by the Senate which should not classify any material but instead clarify to the public what has been wrongly classified. For transparency reasons, the new constitution will give every citizen a complete and absolute right to record words and actions of government officials who act overtly with any person in public. In the new constitution, executive Presidency will not be upheld, instead, being a small county, a Prime Minister will be the Head of the Government and executive power will be shared among members of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister is to be elected by the public. For the parliament, the number of cabinet and deputy ministers will be maintained at 30 for the entire state.

Power sharing will also be included in the constitution. The cabinet that comprises of ministers and deputy ministers will be capped at 30, and there will be an upper house or senate in the law. Being a country with a small population, the new constitution report will give room to only one police force for the whole country. I recommend that the new constitution incorporate police within every province and each police will be answers to the Board of Ministers and Chief Minister concerning law and order created in the country. The national flag in the constitution is not to be amended in the future. In a proposition to send the country's sparks flying, I recommend a new national flag that communicates a spiritual and peaceful life without any reference to ethnicity. I suggest having the design of the flag with the symbolism of the equality of all ethnic groups, peace, and harmony amongst dwellers.

Not all states have codified constitutions, but every state must have a 'law of the land.' These laws consist of an array of consensual and imperative rules. For Steel City, constitutional law will be enacted to act as a body of law that defines powers, roles, and structures of different entities within the state. As a law, the entities of the new state will include the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, the relationship between the state and central government or territorial governments. Constitutional law will be based on the text of the document (constitution) that was ratified at the time the state came into being. In defining the state and legal laws, the constitution will indicate the hierarchies and relationships of power. Being a small state, the law of the land will vest ultimate authority on a central administration. For human rights laws, the law of the land will seek to create the constitution in a way that upholds the rights of an individual against those of the state. Similar to the US that has the bill of rights, this new nation will develop Charter of Fundamental human rights which will be included in the state's constitution. Legislative procedures are also fundamental laws that might be needed for a new state to function. The structure will describe the process by which parliaments might legislate. For instance, deny special majorities the chance to alter the constitution.

The ultimate rule of law shall dictate that the government must be run according to law. The indicative rule of law will be as follows:

  • There should be complete domination of customary law compared to the influence of arbitrary power (Markwell 1).
  • There should be equality before the law
  • The constitution should be as a result of the ordinary law of the land

In the ultimate rule of law, natural law should come first before arbitrary and discretionary powers; that is no man should be punished except for a breach of the law established constitutionally by ordinary courts of the land.

Through government by design, the new administrations will seek to preserve order. Maintaining social peace would be perhaps the most critical role of the new administration. Being a modern government, Steel City administration will also try to manage economic conditions. This role is as a result of the demand to have current governments create conditions for economic growth and material prosperity. Another function for the new administration is to ensure public goods are provided to all members of the public. The power of persuasion will be a significant bureaucracy option. Using the figure of the Prime Minister, citizens of Steel City will be convinced on the importance of maintaining order and for this reason, ensure that the agenda of supporting law and order is approved. A federal bureau will be created also ensure that public programs are obeyed just as if they were laws. The federal bureau will establish a rulemaking process for sharing of public goods to occur in stages and this will ensure all citizens get access to public utilities.

The new administration will be a completely different model than the US because unlike the US that adopts the structure of President, Vice President, and Cabinet, Steel City Administration will use the formation of the Prime Minister, deputy ministers, and cabinet. To carry out functions, the Prime Minister will give powers to Ministers and the Cabinet to ensure that law is maintained. From the Ministers and Cabinet members, clientele groups will be engaged to provide thousands of public services to people willing to defend the state. The Cabinet will create a new program that establishes all details needed to manage the state's economic conditions and grant powers to financial agencies to work out the specific of balanced economics.


In as much as the country is new and with limited resources, wealth is not a major intrinsic part in building a nation. Only men, with the help of administrations, can lift a country to the highest level of success by managing economic conditions, maintaining law and order and sharing public utilities. Steel City administration will be supported by national identity, social harmony, truth, humanity and hard work.

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Markwell, Donald. Constitutional Conventions and the Headship of State: Australian Experience. Connor Court, (2016).

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