Health Care Organizations: Mission, Vision, Values

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Date:  2021-03-09

Hospitals Improving the quality of life of patients who seeks their services. Meet the needs of each and every patient, whose care is our primary purpose and mission. W e Are Committed to Standing Up for Our Values and Promoting a Culture of Integrity.

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Vitas Hospice
To maintain and preserve the quality of life for those who have a limited time to live." Advocating for the rights of terminally ill patients and their families. Putting patients and families first and making a difference in provision of health services.

Home Health Care
To provide health care services to clients with an unsurpassed level of personalized care by being dedicated to employee education and client satisfaction. Provide a full range of in-home healthcare services, specializing in highly complex cares. Respect and upholding the dignity and diversity of life and Integrating excellence and stewardship.

Long Term Care Facilities
Serving those in our care with respect and compassion as we strive to fulfill the healing mission of Jesus. To lead in the delivery of long-term care services in a rural community and meeting all requirements of a forty bed long term care facility. Believing in the core values of Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

Mission, vision, and values are the base and foundations of a solid strategic plan for any given organization. A mission is the purpose of an organization; values are the beliefs and principles while vision is the description of what the organization wants to become in the future. Healthcare organizations have missions, visions, and values for their facilities to ensure that they achieve their desired purposes and ambitions. The responsible administrations including the board of directors and trustees need to make sure that they develop reliable and sustainable strategies to be confident of the future success of their respective facilities. These three aspects are vital in the decision making of any organization; therefore, the administration should always refer to them when developing strategic plans.

In this research, we review the missions, visions, and values of four healthcare organizations. These include Tenet Hospitals, Vitas Hospice, Home Health Care, and Long Term Health Facilities. The Tenet hospitals focus on minimizing the effects of various diseases and improving the health of every patient that seeks medical attention from the facilities. It is a limited organization and a chain of profit hospitals in the provision of Medicare. The hospitals emphasize in qualified and well-trained nurses through executive training programs that train nurses and prepares adequately to offer quality services to their clients. The Vitas Hospice hospitals assists patients to that seek palliative care and preserve their dignity in cases of terminal and severe illnesses that are difficult to treat. The organization is on the forefront to ensure that the rights of these patients are upheld thus making a significant change in the provision of Medicare.

The Home Health Care organization provides Medicare to patients at their homes without necessarily having to seek help from the medical facilities. It helps in reducing the cost of medical services. It is quite convenient as compared to other organizations as patients receive quality services from their homes as the medical personnel of these hospitals is qualified and competent staff. Lastly, the Long Term Care Facilities provide their patients with extra services over extended periods of time. For patients with critical illnesses and that are unable to do things for themselves without assistance, the Long Term Care personnel attend to such needs. These requirements may include bathing physically injured or disabled patients. The extended care puts the organization as one of the best medicare facilities in the United States of America. The difference in these agencies is that not all of them are driven by the need to fulfill medical attention to the patients, some are after commercial gains. However, they all play a significant role in the betterment of health care services. The relationship between mission, vision, and values is that they all guide the organization and its staff on what to do and what the public expects from them.

In upholding an absolute focus in an organization, the administration should be able to examine the three aspects and adjust them depending on the current challenges and the available opportunities. Observing this procedure will ensure appropriate statements that are efficient for establishing and driving strategies to propel the organization in a given period. The administrations of these organizations should also conduct annual assessments to detect any leadership gaps and act swiftly to prevent any shortcomings in the organization. By doing this, they will be able to assess the environmental; and organizational changes and establish new governance plans. "The registered healthcare organizations should integrate the legal provisions in all fields of practice." (Annah, 2001, p.39).



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