Myself as a Philosopher

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Date:  2021-03-03

Philosophy has always been known as the Queen of Sciences and the nobles of all studies. It teaches some skills that are valuable in a variety of professions not being biased to those that mainly involve literature as might be the common assumption (Geary, 2007). The backbone of philosophy education is critical thinking and inductive reasoning. In addition to this, philosophy demonstrates that problems often have different solutions which teaches its students to approach problems from a number of different perspectives ("lateral thinking"). Philosophy is a procedural approach to thinking and problem solving. Philosophy is usually highly valued in very many professions all over the world.

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Before I started the course in Philosophy, I was sure that I was wanted to be a philosopher. I decided I wanted to do philosophy in High School for two reasons. One of the reasons that are not so honorable is the fact that I wanted to be recognized among those people who do very impressive courses. However, the second motive was nobler; I wanted to gain wisdom. I believed that philosophy is a gate pass to understanding. I still think it is. People majoring in other things would just end up with a bunch of domain knowledge. I would be learning what was. I believed that studying philosophy was more practical in the day to day scenario as opposed to any other courses out there. I believe I am right, but it is up for debate.

Before I started the course in Philosophy, I had tried to read a few books on the same, not very new books, since they were found in my high school Library, these are Plato and Aristotle. I did not quite understand these books if I were to be honest, but they challenged me to read them because they seemed to be about crucial things. The experience remains to be one of my most striking differences between me as a philosopher before I took the course and as a philosopher after I have taken the course. It also serves as one of the most complicated reasons why I decided to take philosophy. It would give me a deeper considerate of life.Before I joined my senior year in high school, I decided to enroll in some classes. I managed to learn a lot in the calculus class, but I didn't learn much in Philosophy 101. Despite this, I still had the zeal to study philosophy. I was not able to do quite well in the class since I did not read the books we were assigned carefully enough. I decided to give Berkeley's Principles of Human Knowledge another shot in college. I figured I would try to understand it in college.

Philosophy has changed me in very many ways. Most which are very easy to deduce from my day to day interactions with people. It has improved my reasoning and critical thinking capabilities. The skills gained from studying philosophy are applicable in any career, as I previously stated, I felt philosophy was more practical than any other major pursued by college students. We then see that the skills that are acquired from studying philosophy can be used in any field. Some of the skills are; the ability to think logically.

I can comfortably say that before I took the course in Philosophy my ability to think logically is quite different from my ability to do the same after taking the course. It is such that, I can deduce things about logic in any given problem, may it be a mathematical problem or any other ordinary life situation. Im able to solve most algorithms that require logic with better precision and reasoning. Philosophy creates a culture of following the logic of an individual. These have been of aid to me through the years.

Moreover, I have gained the ability to analyze and solve problems. Philosophy has its hallmark in the analysis of situations and statements. For this reason, a culture of deduction and analysis is created in a person studying philosophy. I have been able to solve problems as a set of steps and carefully strategized parts. In the long run, it has turned out to be a very useful asset both in the day to day life and also in the career world.

The ability to assess proposed solutions is also a skill that I have acquired from studying philosophy. It is a collection of logical thinking and analysis and solving problems. Recklessness has thus been significantly reduced in all my endeavors. I have acquired excellent assessment techniques that are useful in very many fields thus giving me an edge over most people. I could say that this is the best skill I have acquired from studying philosophy as a course. Not only have I applied it almost every day, but It has also helped me have more trust in the decisions I make. Self-confidence may also arise from getting this skill.

During my reading time, while studying philosophy, I was able to come across some relevant quotes that not only attracted my attention but also made me more knowledgeable and appreciated philosophy. Before I undertook the course, I had shallow knowledge of philosophy and I never thought that it would improve me to a great thinking. A quote from Plato one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors (Geary, 2007). The quote made me realize that there is more to just participating in electing the leaders that govern us. Great deals of efforts have to be done so that everyone can understand the game played so that they cannot be played.

I was able to appreciate Aristotle's philosophy as I was continuing my reading. A quote from this great philosopher made me feel important to be studying the course. A quote from Aristotle, which says that the ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival (Geary, 2007) also stirred my initial thoughts and made me realize that philosophy constructs sound arguments and criticize the views that people choose to follow without reasoning. Philosophies have had a great impact on me since I have been able to evaluate critically every situation of life, environment, politics and social life. Before the study of philosophy I was only relying on what I was told based on history but after intensified learning and reading philosophical books of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, my young mind got introduced to a different course of knowledge. Before I used to like and enjoy reading philosophy but after specializing it, I made it a part of me. It became my passion and the best thing I have ever ventured.

About philosophy, I have strong faith in what I learn and that help me resign myself to advice that might help me in the future. Philosophy has enabled me to be a fluent reader, prolificacy in writing and I have also acquired persuasive skills. Learning and implementing the skills will give me an advantage in future when I decide to disseminate what I have learned in different institutions.

Philosophy has also introduced me to critical thinking, flexibility, and the capacity to identify and absorb stiff and complex information that will equip me well enough to solve and handle problems in the future. Philosophy has introduced me to distinguish differences views and be able to find a single stand and opinion. I am equipped with self-motivation and the capacity for independent thoughts and study that I never considered as important before. I am now prepared and more equipped to handle any adversity that might befall me since I am now armed with philosophy knowledge.


Geary, J. (2007). Geary's guide to the world's great aphorists. New York: Bloomsbury.

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