My Greatest Success: Achieving Dreams Through Dedication

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Date:  2023-01-09


Success tends to be the achievement of certain action or deed within a certain period of time. Success may be expanded to encompass the whole project or may be restricted to a specific component of the project or task. success is usually gained either as a result of achieving various things in the workplace or within one's personal life. An individual requires maximum effort to achieve success in the intended areas.

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What Are Your Greatest Successes In Life?

My greatest success in life is having helped to resolve a lasting conflict between two volunteer group in our community. The conflict between the two groups occurred after one group accused the other of spreading false information concerning them within the community. The spread information affected the group's reputation, thus making people within the community not to join the volunteer group. The conflict between the two groups was so strong such that in case they met in particular event or occasion, they would insult each other through exchanging offensive words and in other occasions, they would engage in a fight. As a youth leader within our community, I was able to solve the conflict between the two groups through carefully listening to their opinion and critically deciding on the best way to resolve the conflict. The two groups accepted to forgive each other and also promised to protect the dignity of each volunteer group. I succeeded in resolving the conflict within a short period after numerous futile efforts by the community elders to resolve the conflict.

The Themes and Qualities of the Talents and Strengths That Allowed You to Achieve Those Successes

The main themes that played a key part in achieving my success include; first; restorative theme. This theme played a key part in helping me to analyze the problem that existed between the two volunteer groups, develop a conclusive solution towards the problem and also create effective strategies to deal with the challenges that may arise. Using this theme I was able to ensure satisfaction between the two parties and also minimize the recidivism of the offenders. Secondly, the relator theme. This theme helped me to easily relate with both groups thus making it easy for them to open up about their conflict. With the relator theme, I was also able to develop good listening skills which were very crucial in deciding on the best solution to the conflict. During the entire period, I was able to remain neutral at all time, I had to consider the opinion of each group to ensure that the final decision did not favor any party. These two themes may also help me to achieve other success and portray good leadership within the profession since they play a key part in enabling me to listen and analyze other people's problems and also develop the best solutions to the existing problems. The ability to listen and come up with the best solutions to the existing challenges tends to be one of the main determiner of a person's level of success.

How Can You Assist Your Clients In Putting Their Talents And Strengths To Work In Achieving Success?

I can help my clients in putting their strength and talents to work through training them on the specific areas they show strength in. Training them will help the clients understand their strength and talent and also help them focus their strength and talents towards achieving success. I may also assign the clients specific projects to help them identify their specific talents and the areas they are strong in.

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