My Aunt Is My Hero: A Story of Love Spanning Beyond Parental Relations

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Date:  2023-02-12


Change of events in life can either work for or against one's fate. Here is a story of my life, "my aunt is my hero." The story revolves around my aunt who showed me with unconditional love. She was kind and good-hearted lady who did her best to re-establish happiness back in my life. She natured me just like my mother could have done or even better. I hold her dear to me for she made me believe that love can span beyond parental relationship.

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It began ten years ago when my family broke apart due to domestic violence. Initially, we used to live happily and together as a unit. The love between my parents was strong; thus, happiness prevailed. Great moments and stability prevailed for quite some time until my dad and mum started having a heated argument about infidelity. Things got worse after DNA test results showed that my dad was not my biological father. I have never seen my dad so angry, he could not believe that mum was unfaithful. He gave mum two options, either they get divorced or I move out of the family. The second option was favorable to both of them but very unfair to me, but my aunt decided to live with me. I hated the fact that I would be separated from my little sister. I had sleepless nights as I was haunted by nostalgic moments that we had with my family.

It was hard for me to adapt with a different life, living with a new family. I was used to shouting "mommy" anytime I felt like. It was evident to my aunt that I was mentally unstable, she tried everything to make sure that I at least wear a smile on my face but I could not afford one. She used to prepare some delicious cakes every day after school. One day after school, I asked her if I could be calling her mum. She took me in her hands, hugged me and broke into tears. I really enjoyed the way my aunt called me "my son". I felt confident in her and I told her everything that disturbed me. There existed no more secrets between us. She used to take me through my homework and later tell me a story before going to bed. Anytime I missed my mother and sister she hugged and reassured me that one day I would see them.

My academic performance was deteriorating despite the fact that I used to read daily. My aunt used to encourage me that things will be better even if I had no hope. The dreams that I believed for so long about my future were fading away. I felt lost and empty. She kept on promising change like it was so obvious to achieve. She did not give up with me until the change she confidently promised came true. This was a new beginning for my life as I fully understood that it is only me who can shape my future. I became fond of her love and care. I felt happy while in her companionship. I consider her my hero. It is my responsibility to make sure that she is always happy and she feels appreciated.


In conclusion, it is with indisputable evidence that I firmly believe that my aunt is my hero. My aunt supported me emotionally and socially. She gave me a shoulder to cry on and fought so hard to make sure that my dreams come true. I never believed that I could get so much love from my aunt. To pay it forward, I decided to love my cousins unconditionally, just the way I love my blood sister.

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