Make Paper Snow Flakes for Christmas Decorations: Process Analysis Essay

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Date:  2023-04-08


Christmas is a festival where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is a holiday that is observed by both Christians and non-Christians. It is characterized by gift giving, sharing meals, and giving back to society. Decorations are a significant theme during this holiday. They help to lighten up the celebrative moods. Decorations are mostly endorsed in pine green, heart red, and snow white. Below is a procedure on how to make a snow flake decoration.

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How to Make Paper Snow Flakes

Below is a guide on how to make a beautiful six-pointed snowflake using paper? Real snowflakes have six points in nature, and in some occasional scenarios, three are formed. It is essential to follow the steps below carefully to produce good results. The requirements of this are scissors and a piece of a beautiful sparkling white paper. One should be creative, possess bilateral and visual motor skills.

  • Step one: Begin with a square. The first step is to cut the paper into squares.
  • Step two: fold the squares diagonally. Fold the piece of paper diagonally to form a triangle. Proceed to fold the larger triangle into half. This means you will have a smaller triangle compared to that of step two.
  • Step three: fold one third of the triangle. Subdivide the triangle into three equal parts. Fold the right third on the middle third. Proceed to fold the left third over. It is essential to get all folds to be in a close line to get a beautiful symmetrical snowflake.
  • Step four: cut the top at the angles. Flip the paper at the back. Cut the top off at the angle. This helps to make the points of the snow fakes. After removing the angle, the next step is to shape. Cut any shape; triangle or square from the sides of the paper. It is essential to ensure that you do not cut off to the other side as it will chop the snowflake into half
  • Step five; unfold the snow flake to reveal. To make the snowflake flat, it is significant to iron them with minimal heat or put them in a book to flatten it. The minimum heat is to avoid burning the paper and also causing fires.

It also notable that while making the decorations, one can encounter a few risks. As such, specific tips should be considered to avoid accidents to oneself and even to other members of the family. The decorations can barely harm someone physically. However, they may contain toxic substances that are harmful to human beings. One should handle them well, especially in situations where kids are involved. Safety should be practiced by keeping hands clean to avoid passing germs from one person to another while handling the gifts.

The wrapping papers. They are stunning papers that are used to wrap gifts. They are made of inks, dyes, and harmful chemicals. It is essential to avoid stuffing them in the mouth and burning them. Burning the paper can emit harmful chemicals that result in people inhaling hazardous products.

While handling scissors, one should ensure that they hold them firmly. One should be keen and precise while cutting to avoid accidents. While the scissors are not in use, they should be placed on an open surface where they are visible. Also, ensure that the heat is low while handling the iron box. The low heat helps to avoid fire accidents and also ruining one's decoration.

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