Music in Promotional Campaigns Essay

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Date:  2022-07-19

Promotional campaigns are undertaken to market the products in the domain of the customers. In this case, different firms have their brands ready, and they require the customers to use the products as the end destination of the manufactured and other types of products offered in the industries (In Goldfarb, A., In Greenstein, S. M., & In Tucker, C. 2015). The promotional campaigns take many forms and are aimed at increasing the customer base for the products offered by the firms. The product promotions are carried out by the use of radios, televisions, print media, or even the network marketing. The firms also perform product promotion to stay ahead of the pack in the event of the competitions offered by the producers and dealers in the same line of products. To achieve the required aim, several elements are included in the product promotion. They include those specific components which are deemed to be getting to the people more efficiently since they are part of them. It will thus help in the optimal conveyance of messages to the intended population. One of them is the use of music during the product promotional campaigns. Music is believed to be a potent tool when it comes to the passage of the desired message to the targeted population. It takes the big part of the lives of the people, and it is estimated that an average person can take an average of four hours of the time listening to music (Fitriana, R. et al. 2016). In this regard, music is a big part and crucial to the existence of human beings as it is able to evoke responses on the part of listeners powerfully. When the advertisement messages are choreographed in the form of music, it will penetrate to a substantial segment of the population because they are the lovers of the music. When they listen to the music, they will take in the advertisement message along. Hence the product promotional stakeholders will have achieved their aim in the long run (Hong, P. S., & Choo, G. S. H. 2014). A large segment of the customers will be aware of the products advertised and take steps to purchase them at their individual and group capacities. It is an undertaking that will boost the sales of the concerned companies as well as the corresponding profitability. Further, expounded in the subsequent paragraphs are the main reasons as to why the product promotional activities have music utilized in them.

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First, the use of music in the product promotional campaigns help in increasing the visibility of the firm's products in the fans base. In most cases, as is nature, the firms have their strong and loyal customer base who regularly consume their products (Fine, S. H. 2017). In this regard, they remain in the domain of the market of their products whether the massive mobilization promotional campaigns are carried out or not. However, there are those swing fans who will opt to be part of the consumers of particular brands of products when advertised. Moreover, the new customers' decisions to use the products will be determined by how the advertisement message is concocted. When well soothing music is used along with its purpose of transmitting the message concerning the products and the need for the new customers to give it a try to make the difference, any curious customers will be attracted in the process (Ajoudanian, S., & Hosseinabadi, S. H. M. 2015). The advertisement music will have helped in the acquisition of new fans, hence increasing its visibility in the domain of new customers. Thus, music is used product promotion to attract new customers to purchase the products.

Additionally, the use of music in product promotion helps in the loyalty advantages being tapped (Nigam, A. et al.2016). In this scenario, some people are naturally the fans of music. Anything concerning music is their favourite. They will be seen attending concerts, entertainment forums, downloading music, attending live events and even purchasing the merchandise. They are always consuming anything with a streak of music. However, when the music is a bit customized to serve the purpose of relaying the information regarding a particular product, it will be surprising to see how the promotion message will excellently reach an extensive customer base majorly composed of the music lovers. Hence, music is used in the product promotion to take utilize the opportunity posed by the lovers of the music genres.

Moreover, the use of music in marketing is cost-effective (Mullin, R. 2010). It is attainable by the use of upcoming local artists. Their rising status dictates them demanding fewer charges. On the other hand, they popularize the product on their vast fan base and friends, who will take the message and take the initiative of purchasing the products. There will result in massive sales and profitability for the firms, showing the cost-effectiveness of the use of music in marketing different products.


Cumulatively, as is evident in the above expounding, music helps in the acquisition of new customers, achieving the cost-effectiveness during the product promotion and the utilization of the opportunity presented by the love of music by a majority of the population. It can thus be seen that the use of music is fundamental in the product promotion activities.


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