Moving From Main to Florida Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

Romana strongly argues that Florida is currently ranked as the third most developed state in the united states of America and at the same time posses very distinguished and human-friendly natures that it from other places. Romana said that Florida is one of the most beautiful places in the world to call home as this is clearly brought about due to the fact that there is present of beaches, the restaurants and also the shopping malls and whatever you may need. Indeed according to Romana Florida has the best and the perfection of almost everything but at the same time it has and always entails the worst outcomes and therefore according to her you must be smart on how you play your cards to enable you to obtain a reasonable and a proper stay in Florida.

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Romana grew up with her grandparents and they use to leave in a small house or let me call it a structure in Spruce Head that they would often go with her boyfriend once in a while. Ramona always imagined himself living there and also being that she was a kid she always has the desire that things would actually work her ways. And as time elapses and Romana becomes an adult she realizes that it was almost impossible now that he did not have enough capital to purchase such an expensive house. There are several reasons as to why need to Florida from Maine and she has mainly considered the positive things that clearly distinguish Florida from various places within the world and within the united states,

Ramona did not leave to give the reasons as to why she was moving from Maine and the various reasons as to why she proffered to stay in Florida as compared to Maine and thus includes the various reasons which were, Maine's lifestyle and the living standards were so high and expensive as compared to the same in Florida and the main contributing factors towards that was the high rate of taxes on the middle citizen and also the high housing rates which seem to be very expensive in Ramona. The climatic condition of the two places was also quite different in that in comparison she finds that she best fits to stay in Florida as compared to Maine since the climatic conditions of Florida were a little bit favorable.

Romana also brings out the point that in Florida rich in culture and have a multiple of thee which includes such cultures like the Jamaica, China, Indian and also the black American culture which is quite encouraging and make it has a lot of fun due to the diversity of the culture which almost suits all the individuals. This is so encouraging to mo move to Florida from any part of the world now that you are sure and convince that you will find and enjoy your culture there most probably. According to Romana Florida was not just a place of the elderly who want finish there life in style as said but also a very beautiful place for anybody who want to move and stay there due to the fact that it has a lot of diversity which can accommodate any type of a person from any part of the world.

According to Romana, she did not only gives the positive things as to why she was moving to Florida but at the same time share some of the shortcomings that one might encounter in case a different person or herself as well want to move to Florida for permanent residence. The various reasons that Ramona brought about that could hinder one who is willing to go and stay in Florida is that Florida is a very hot a place and she majorly brings out this point in relation to the fact that she had that many people were moving from Maine and various parts of the world to visit Florida due its warm climate. Ramona clearly advice and says that Florida is not just as warm as any other person may think or enquire but in real sense it's a very hot 'place and the humidity and any person planning to travel there must have that in mind and not the fact that you may experience the warm as one may expect.

Another funny incident which Romana encountered in the whole event in Florida is that Florida at large and majorly in central Florida is that the traffic jam is so much high mainly due to the fact that the place has a 1-4 highway. In the place majorly the traffic was so high and when an accident occurs, the traffic is brought to a standstill for quite a long time and this one of the negative things experienced in the place and thus should positively look into.

Another encountered that Romana experience is that the place that is Florida is majorly composed of elderly people and therefore any youth planning to travel and visit that should have that figured out in his or her mind to ensure that the party is not disappointed. The main reason of this that Romana encountered is that so many retirees are moving to go and settle there and therefore according to Romana the problem may persist and even become pathetic in the near future.

Romana also mentions that she noticed that the place is so much encountered with the high rate of tourist due to the fact that it's a nice place and also poses a very good scenery for the same. The tourist therefore always clog both the road and also the airport and this makes the life a little bit difficult mainly due to congestion and at the same time, the high competition of the available resources and thus majorly raises the living cost of individuals at that place thus lowering their living standards in general.

According to Romana again the place is not pedestrian friendly and therefore families moving to that place should be so much careful mainly about it children as the rate of accident is very high. This is seen to be caused due to the heavy and at the same time a highly congested traffic. There are so many roads also in the place without street light but even in those places where there is light their always seems to be long stretches between the light and thus makes it not to be so much effective and thus leading to more traffic accident.

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