Movie Analysis Essay on Life of Pi: A Journey of Belief, Discovery and Devotion

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Date:  2023-02-12


The Life of Pi by Yann Martel was an exciting and fascinating movie which described a journey of a young boy's life beginning with the making of his central beliefs and moving through an adventure which caused changes to his life. I found the film much engaging on psychological and philosophical levels as I saw Pi being a young boy who is curious about is life, discover religion, and undergo an extremely traumatic experience. I found the devotion by Pi to God as being an uplifting example which many individuals across the globe should see.

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Even though I have the belief that Pi was getting confused about the ways he can use to show his love to God, I admire his believes and efforts given that he had sincere dedication. I also found the psychological perspective of Pi as being much fascinating, just like religion. I noticed from the start that Pi was regarded as being more thoughtful, and he always attempted to think critically before acting. However, one thing that I found to be the most fascinating than the pre-planning abilities was the way he though whenever he was faced with a lot of stress. The perfect example of the way he coped with the fear he suffered was at the end of the film whereby he tells the true story, and it is evident that he could have represented everyone when dealing with the situation at hands. This offers a valuable insight that is into the mind of Pi ad helps in opening the new fields of possibilities through taking into consideration about how Pi thought. This kind of ending shows how Pi used open thinking while interpreting situations and adds an intriguing element of the film.

Beyond the theoretical and religious elements of the film, the adventure that is seen kept me engaged while watching the movie until the end. Each time when Pi seemed about to give up hope, there could occur an astounding miracle which would save him.

While watching the film, I kept asking myself how I compared to the film's themes. Much like Pi, I am a person who leads a life that is guided by many teachings of religion. All my life, I have been much protective of many individuals that I come across. I have learned to develop- the feeling that I usually connect well with many friends that I come across. The devotion of Pi to God has helped in rekindling some of the beliefs that I had the feeling that I was losing them. Before watching the film, I felt that I had lost faith. Currently, I am undergoing one of the difficult years during my life, but it seems that it does not compare to what Pi was going through. Even though Pi was experiencing the most challenging part of his life, the faith that he had remained being unshaken. Therefore, I take this as being an excellent example that has enabled me in realizing that there is the need of putting my trust in God. I consider this as being among the most profound realizations which I have had for an extended period, and I have great hope that I will be in position for carrying this example for the remaining days of my life. The Life of Pi was a fantastic film which many people may connect easily. The film has the potential of causing deep insights which may enable an individual to reflect into the world they are living in and into their soul.

While I tried to view the movie while making in-depth analysis, I realized that the film mainly depicted the interaction existing between a man and some animals, and it involved some internal problems which are worth discussing. The primary Idea of the movie is seen being surrounded by the "believing" aspect, and one of the themes in the film is religion. In the film, three clerics were from various faiths, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, who made an argument with one another for the God they believed, existed. However, this issue does not only seem to appear in the movie but also takes place in our lives. Pi, the protagonist n the film, is seen that he had enthusiasm for each religion. Pi tried developing an understanding that God, via the lens of the different faiths and preserved the advantages of every religion. It is the arguments that were made for the three religions that made him question the notion that humankind uses the approach of knowing life through a God. Pi wondered why it was hard for every tolerating religion to accept all its adherents to have the belief that other religions worship the same God. However, I find these functions being outdated as I believe that it does not matter the kind of faith that an individual believes in, but all that matters is the trust that one has towards obeying the teachings by the God of a given religion.

The way Pi thinks about the religious aspect during his journey is another essential issue that is worth discussing. As the stormy night started, Pi go tossed on the sea vessel by the crowd of sailors who were in solitude even though he implored the sailors to save his family. Thus, there was hatred that sprang deep in the mind of Pi, which is evident when he pushed the boat aside when Richard Parker tried going on board. Believing when one is only single-minded will only let one forget the cruelty of the life that leads them to cause harm to one-self.


In the movie, it is seen that the subject of faith and religion was portrayed briefly. Pi used to call himself a Catholic Hindu-Muslim Christian. Pi had faith one God of the world who he believed that he was a higher being. Pi believed in a savior king and requested to be baptized. According to me, it is not all about the religion; it is about the personal relationship that an individual has already established with God, which will be manifested in the life that one is living. It does not only involve having pure knowledge, but it is about the application of the acquired knowledge of life and the truths that an individual has learned. Just like Pi, everyone will pass through tests regarding their faith through the difficult things in their life. Pi believed that Faith and belief are more essential than the truth of religion, given that he admired atheists as they took a stand-in having the understanding that the universe is a particular way.

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