Modern Safety Management: Benefiting Employees & Reducing Risks - Free Essay Example

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Date:  2023-10-25


Modern safety management is one of the projects that most organizations are adopting in the society. Modern safety management has its roots from the traditional form of safety management, which at some point did not reduce high risk of hazards from occurring to the employees. Most of organizations in the current society have decided to focus on the development of workers and they believe in the ideology of making sure that their employees receive many benefits and their safety comes first (Khan, Faisal, et al 10). Safety at any workplace is one of the important aspects that most organizations in the current world disregard. Most of the workers face accidents and mishaps in various scenarios especially because of negligence, carelessness and recklessness. Many serious injuries and accidents can be preventable and avoided through adoption of effective safety precautions and measures that reduce the hazards (Dunlap, Scott Bryan and Michelle 44). This paper will compare and contrasts the traditional safety techniques and modern safety management techniques and how these measures have changed since their introduction.

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Comparisons of Traditional and Modern Safety Techniques

The traditional safety techniques emphasize on the use of various tricks and then decide on the rewards, which are important to employ towards the implementation of important regulations to safeguard the people. On the other hand, the modern safety methods tend to set goals, plan and organize and try to guide and control safety rules as the function of business. In addition, the traditional safety methods they do not rely or possess the scientific practical or behavioral foundations and they entirely depend on the traditional values or habits and they do not change since they are accepted in the system (Dunlap et al 49). However, modern safety technique they solely depend on the assessment, education, observation and control and make sure they enforce positive support to employees and employers. Moreover, modern and traditional safety techniques share some characteristics in that they both have to work if practiced by the organizations if they fail to work then the management has a problem or the employee are not cooperating.

Safety Performance Changes

There have been various changes in safety management since the introduction of the modern safety techniques. Most of organizations have been practicing many programs that were introduced about 100 years ago as the safety measure technique and they have shown many changes in the rate at how accidents do happen (Darabont, Doru-Costin, et al 105). For instance, in the working environment, the organizations have to bring or implement changes in the management system, which incorporates the safety measures that every individual has to achieve. In addition, there has been some behavioral measures that have been adopted by the employees so that they always know that they are in position to protect themselves. Finally, yet importantly are the introduction of the leadership and communication programs, which are safety measures that were never there during the traditional safety management era.


In conclusion, both modern and traditional safety management plans are vital for any organization if they want to reduce many incidents of hazards from happening. Each institution has to implement safety measures, which are coherent so that there is also proper management control of the safety of both the employers and the employees. Therefore, safety comes first in every organizations so that are able to control their operation costs and at the same time maintain the employee turnover due to low accidents or hazards happening to the workforce.

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