Mocana Embraces TPM 2.0 for IoT Device Authentication Assurance - Article Analysis Essay

Paper Type:  Article review
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Wordcount:  549 Words
Date:  2022-07-17


Article review concerns the summary of the main points to which the article is mainly all about. For the case of the article; Mocana Embraces TPM 2.0 for IoT Device Authentication Assurance, it exhausts more on the issues surrounding the computer security and safety programs. In a nutshell, it states that following the addition of the support on the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 specification, Mocana is expecting to help in the improvement of the security updates as well as the deployment of containers in the embedded, internet of things devices. It tends to elaborate on the latest improvements of the San Francisco based company, Mocana, which focuses on the security of the embedded system done for industrial control systems as well as the Internet of Things. Further, the article states that Mocana is geared to announce come July on the fact that it is supporting the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 standard to help in the advancement of the security of the embedded devices which make up the internet of thing. In this way, the article expounds on the strides made by the Mocana Company in the race towards the improvement of technology channelled towards the safety and security of information, especially personal or copyrighted, in the embedded systems and the Internet of Things.

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Additionally, the article states that the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 standard also enables the firms to provide the cryptographic assurance in so far as the delivery of software is concerned. In this way, the technology will also help in the provision of security for the programs run in computers in different firms. It will thus help in the prevention of chances of hacking, illegally exposing the organizational data to enemies who might use them for ill motives. TPM 2.0 support on the Mocana platform, as presented in the article, also enables the new forms and kinds of containers that run on devices. The article goes further to state a comparison between the new TPM 2.0 standard and its older counterpart TPM 1.2. It states that the new TPM 2.0 can provide diverse sets of cryptographic keys and the owners can then be the processes of attesting for authenticity and security. It is an improvement over the older TPM 1.2. The article thus tries to explain and expound more on the features of the new technological improvement TPM 2.0 of Mocana Company.


As the article progresses, there is an explanation concerning the importance of the multiple cryptographic keys contained in the new model of TPM 2.0. It states that the multiple hierarchies of the keys in the improvement allow the users in the provision of sets of solutions for the endorsement processes and the signing activities which are related to the diverse ownership of models. In this scenario, the advantage presented above helps in putting different things together for the supply chains in which multiple signatories are available. It means that the new TPM 2.0 is quite economical in dealing with a large number of signatories in the concerned companies where the processes of signing and endorsement solutions are required. The companies will thus be able to ease such transactions, as presented in the article, than when the TPM 1.2 was being used in the past periods. It is also stated that the model facilitates the promotion of multiple owners.


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