Miss Representation Movie

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Date:  2024-01-10

The media is a powerful tool that provides powerful content to shape individuals, most notably children, and females. However, the media has created a massive impression that there is no value in female intellectuals. It has limited women only as sexual objects whose only value comes through their bodies, how they look? What they wear? What is their style, and what they can attract? Listening to the "Miss Representation Movie" brought the clarity of just the American Culture has presented women's value in society. Most women face challenges getting into powerful positions such as politics, media, sports, and academics. Regardless of their potentials to the world, being a phenomenal woman with the brains, an impact, and power to make a difference is still not enough (Newsom). Some of the women have been victimized just as they tried to gain a place in society. The world does not give a lending ear to the content or what these women have to offer but look at how sexy they are. To the world, men are the individuals who are supposed to be in power. Some of the young women have lost their position just because they were female and not because they did not have the potential that the seat required.

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Growing up, I was generally plump than all the students my age. Going to school is supposed to be a safe place where we secure our future; however, it was a nightmare for me. Constant body-shaming became the norm. It was even worse when I tried to participate in sports since, for my weight, according to my male peers, it was impossible to participate. My classmates nicknamed me "ugly" and "fatty," which significantly impacted my self-esteem.

Today, female empowerment has become standard policy in most nations. Most people think that a lot has been done to ensure that women are confident in themselves, embrace who they are, and take their positions in society. However, much more is yet to be done. As women are becoming more and more empowered, much is being done to ensure that they remain behind their closets. In my opinion, the glass ceiling still exists not only in entertainment but also in other dimensional careers. Sexism is still a problem in the present. During her campaigns, Hilary Clinton tried to be both super feminine and super masculine, but citizens still scrutinized her according to her body. Some identified that she showed a lot of ambition as a woman. Others described her as pretty, while others described her as a bitch without looking at her content. Sarah Palin portrayed hyper feminism, and yet she was still a victim of sexuality. Most female media presenters, additionally, dress to impress the male gender rather than show professionalism.

The media has, for overlong, portrayed real women who fight for their position in the world negatively. Feminists like Hattie Caraway are pinned only as people who want to take away power from their male counterparts. They have been portrayed as sexual objects and domestic keepers, and even though in reality, women are the basis of the family, the media taints their presentation.

The media industry is dominated by men who do not leave power. These men impact their employees, what news should be broadcasted, what should be represented, and hire individuals who reflect them (Newsom). As a result, most of the representation in the media comes from a male point of view. For example, in Hollywood, the industry exists by assuming that "women will watch stories about women, but men won't watch stories about women. "Therefore, most of the movies are about men, and only a few are about women. Additionally, the stories with female protagonists illustrate stories that revolve around men and, not really about women in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

Lack of diversity in the media industry plays a significant role in misrepresenting minority populations, such as women (Newsom). Most importantly, it creates a negative impact on the audience. For instance, from the media's prevention that women are sexual objects, females have undervalued their self-worth and confidence and believed in them being subject to men. Even the empowered women continue to be subconscious about how they look at who they are as individuals. Women spend more on make-ups to become people they are not. On the other side, men do not view women with respect and treat them as human beings but rather as objects.

It is a collective responsibility to address the self-objectification of women. Boys should be taught on the need for emotional efficacy and the need to respect their female counterparts. They should be taught that they will meet smarter, more prosperous, and better women than them, and that should not intimidate them as men. They should be taught their worth doesn't lie from their masculinity but who they are as a person. Women should empower and stand up for each other that criticize their own. Young girls should have equal opportunities as men to embrace their inner strength and accomplish their possibilities. They should learn from an early age that they have a voice. Lastly, media cognomens should be challenged, and policies should be made that ensure the media is accountable. The media is an instrument of change. It can maintain the status quo and reflect the community or awaken people's minds to become open-minded. It all depends on the piloting system.

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Newsom, J. S. "Miss Representation." Kanopy, 2011, neiu.kanopy.com/video/miss-representation-0. Accessed 6 Oct. 2020.

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