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The term millennial denotes a period of a thousand years. The term millennial was coined by Neil Howe and William Strauss in the year 1987. Different psychologists refer to term as either generation X, Echo Boomers or Generation me. In his book, Jean Twenge denotes millennials with the use of the term Generation Me. There are different views which are associated with millennial. They range from the return of Christ, the general resurrection and the final judgment. Others view that a millennium is the end of the world and therefore people ought to prepare in whatever way they ought to do to meet their maker at any time soon. The essay, therefore, seeks to illustrate the millennium view characterized by the views of the return of Christ, general resurrection and the final judgmsent.

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Many believers of Christianity are passionate with the linking of the current happenings to the biblical prophecies. There are some other Christian believers who are caught in the evangelism world's efforts which seek to reach those who have not been reached with the biblical teachings. Often, Christianity makes the diminutive connection between future events, the discussion of the prophecy and the discussion of the missions. The connection between world evangelism and the End Times are very solid and is a biblical one. The edict of the Gospel as an eschatological insignia is not an outlying phenomenon.

The greatest connection between eschatology and world evangelism is the message of Jesus on the Mt of Olives which is commonly referred to as the Olivet Discourse (Mark 13). The disciples of Jesus demanded to know the signs of the His second coming. Jesus replied to this with the explanation of the conditions which will prevail the world and the occurrence of the natural disasters; earthquakes, famines, wars, apostasy and the false prophets. From the bad news, Jesus proceeded to offer the positive ones referring to the preaching of the gospel throughout all corners of the globe (Matthew 24:14).

The words from Jesus have been a subject of debate for many eons. The terms preached, whole world and testimony to all nations have ever been debated. Most researchers have disagreed on the ultimate meaning of these terms. The question of how to measure the fulfillment of the prophecy has never been answered in this context.

With the Christian churches, massive confusion exists about the millennium. In the book of Revelation, there is a unique depiction of the period of a thousand years. To some, this era is utterly representative and not something to fret over. For others, the millennium is at present, and it started when Christ conquered Satan through His demise, burial and consequently resurrection. For most divination teachers the apocalyptic epoch is still yet to come and therefore is future, and it will evidently tail the subsequent coming of Christ Jesus of which, it will be an era of total peace on the globe as Jesus will administer all the states from Jerusalem.

The Two Resurrections

In the book of Revelation 20, two bookends mark the commencement and the culmination of the thousand eons and the two revivifications. Jesus imparted of two resurrections. He postulated that time is coming when all those that are in their graves will perceive his say and will arise, for those who would have done virtuous unto the life of resurrection and those whom have performed evil unto the revivification of damnation (John 5:29). In the book of Acts 24:15, Paul also depicts that there will be a revivification of the dead both the unjust and the just. Thus, Both Paul and Jesus taught of two revivifications, the first actuality is the revivification of the life of the saved and the second actuality is the revivification of the damnation of the ones lost.

The book of Revelation 20 gyrates around the two resurrections. In the verse 4-6, one resurrection takes dwelling at the commencement of 1000 eons and another one towards the end. In verse 6, it is said that those who will be in the first resurrection will be blessed and holy and death will have no power for they shall be the priests of Divinity and Christ therefore reigning with God for a period of a thousand eons. Those who will be in the first resurrection ought not to fear death. The second resurrection will happen after the thousand years which Jesus referred to as the resurrection of the damnation in the book of John 5:29.

The second coming (Return of Christ)

The return of Christ will result in the revivification of his saints. In the book of Corinthians 15:51-55, Paul postulates that it is at Christs second imminence that the trumpet ought to sound and thus the departed shall be arise incorruptible and that we will be transformed. Paul went ahead saying that the Lord will incline from the heavens with a yell, with the sound of an angel and with a imminence of God; first, the departed in Christ will arise and then those who are alive will be caught unruffled within the clouds for a meeting with their Lord within the atmosphere, and therefore they shall be forever with the almighty God Lord (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18).

The first resurrection is the same as the dead in Christ will arise first according to Paul (Revelation 20:6). 100 years in the book of Revelation 20:4-6, with the Saint resurrection and thus the return of Christ and the time of Saint resurrection marks the beginning of a millennium.

According to postmillennialism, the return of Jesus will happen after the completion of the millennium. For the premillennialists, the return of Jesus will happen before a literal a thousand years of the reign of Christ on earth. According to Revelation 20, it is not mentioned when specifically Jesus will return. It is the belief of the premillennialists that the book of revelation implies that since Jesus is at sovereignty while Satan is destined. It is only known however that Jesus sat on the right hand of our Father soon after His revivification and ascent (Rev 4:2). The book of Revelation 1:5 says that Christ is already accommodated on the throne and at present the sovereign leader over the sovereigns of the world.

The Last Judgment

With the attempts to look at the future and end of the world via the prophecies of the Bible, it will with time become difficult to aim the prophetic telescope at the things that are distant and faith. Toney 2015, 35 allots that very little detail and space in the Bible regarding the last and the end of the globe. Safely, one may presume that if an individual is in agreement with God at present, you will be in agreement with God then and you may have nonentity to fear from second coming day of God, wherein the heavens that are in fire will be thawed and the rudiments will melt with the fervent temperature (2 peter 3:13-14). Such an individual does not necessary need to know the specific time of the second coming of Christ but only how it will end for you in such times. According to Jesus promises Nevertheless, look for new earth and heavens, wherein there is only the righteousness. Therefore, beloved looking for such things will be diligent, and you might find him in peace without a blemish and spot (2 Peter 3:13-14).

For the establishment of such an entity as the millennial Dominion of God upon the earth formerly to the last judgment, it is of significance to inaugurate that there are two distinctive resurrections, the first at the commencement and the second at the culmination of the Millennium, which is literally separated by an interlude of roughly a thousand eons (Rev 20:4-6).

In eschatology, there is no single subject which is veiled in more oblivion than the circumstances and the character of the Millennial Dominion. Even amongst the ones induced that there shall be such a demesne, there is a diminutive agreement regarding those that will be residing in it and what it will be like residing in it. The chief controversy has continually been engrossed on the resurrected and the raptured saints and what they will be doing at this time of the millennium (LaHaye 2013, 56).

From the Bible, it is depicted that they breathed and governed with Christ for a thousand eons, the entire duration of the millennium. With this statement, it means that there is something or someone to rule over. It does not also denote to the positions of the relative authority amongst the resuscitated saints as all the saints subsisted and administrated with Him. Apparently, they are reigning over the residents of the earth at the time of the millennium who are not resurrected. In the book of Luke 19:11-27, the Lord provides the depiction of the partitions of the administrative buff. At the millennium, life will never be convoluted with the hassle of the unmerited decrees, neither will the wicked run shots on the righteous. From this parable, the chief focus is the time lapse between the first coming and the time of the occurrence of Gods Kingdom. From Matt 6:9-10, Jesus imparts knowledge of praying as thy Kingdom come and with this, therefore, the going to heaven is one thing and the coming of the Kingdom is another.

It is the responsibility of all Christians to believe and have faith in the teaching of Christ. It is of utmost significance for all Christians to act in Godly ways as it is not known the exact and precise time when of the second coming of the messiah. All Christians ought to have faith and observe righteousness if they have to have a chance in Gods kingdom.

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