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There is multi-increase in complexity and scale in migration in different parts of the entire world. Multiculturalism is globally shaped by improvements in technologies, changes in politics and disparities in growing demographics and social networks. This migration leads to impacts on social, political, demographic and environment patterns and scales (Clayer & Germain, 2009). This imposes a question such as which kind of the migrants will be mobile and their little impacts of the country. This paper explores the development of multicultural societies in postwar Europe. It also explores the Soviet Union of countries such as German and Russia and how they deal with migration and multiculturalism.

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In many Europe countries, including Germany, multiculturalism has exclusion of Muslims. That is Muslims has to experience societal, and discrimination hostility in many of multicultural societies compared to fewer organizations in multicultural. This still imposes a question on whether this multiculturalism is associated with fewer perceptions of including Muslims in this country. Under this research, there will be an examination of integrates that explains kinds of literature in social interacting among the migrants Clayer & Germain, 2009). The concepts of approaches to be used will be bridged into an introduction concept of inclusion expectance which grows out of multicultural regimes which mostly encourages immigrants. There are expectations of equality among them and treatment at the extended time spent on them (Pojmann, 2010).

There is the development of cultural awareness in these groups through the generation of higher expectations of inclusion in socialism culture. Such approaches of exclusion include social identity which theorizes it as cognitive products of the individual level of formation identity via social systems, migrant incorporation which is by contrast to the focus on social psychological on the interactions of the individuals. This incorporation concept examines factors like markets labour, reception contexts and patterns of settlement among the migrants. It has the responsibility to ensure that they are well settled (Harris, 2009). Lastly but not the least, there is another concept of citizenship regimes which is still catered under the exclusion concept. This explores the influences of policies on the national level and the contexts of culture on immigrants as well as minority experiences (Harris, 2009). It still looks on discourses as well as systems of multicultural. This regime structures the status of the community and that of individuals, their identity of origin and their rights to be exercised.

Expectations of Inclusion

By use of this perception approach, there is a rise exclusion of Muslims in three conditions. These are as follows; whether there discrimination experience to an individual; personality, whether individuals are categorized as part of the migrant people groups which undergoes the exclusionary of social context during the reception time in Germany, and whether and individual lives with exclusionary history in a country that has exclusion of the migrants (Pojmann, 2010). These conditions are more exercised in Germany as many migrants experience more discrimination in the country.

This kind of discrimination brings a boundary between the majority and minority groups in the country, which results in salient and visible among them. The interactions between these groups are of more structural via migrants' nation regimes in both internally and externally about market labour and societal boundary attitudes relating to the groups (Pojmann, 2010). Both interactions and opportunities of the individual are contextualized via histories of nations, regimes of the citizenship, policies and national culture of foundations at the degree of sanctions in that the migrants are well included as well as members of the federal system.

Through migration interactions, histories, as well as reception contexts, have resulted in system classification for the migrants, minorities' contexts of varied nationals and national policies f different expectations of the migrant's inclusion in the country. In countries where multicultural is high, there will be of more exclusion of the migrants in the country whereas in countries of low multicultural Muslims are less excluded in them as they take them into considerations (Vertovec, 2013). These relations of expectations lead to the creation of cognitive context, which leads to perceptions that exclusions are enabled and can be likely to be formed in such countries.

Multiculturalism in Germany and Nationality

Germany this multiculturalism has not yet entered into official disclosures of politics. There has been a debate which has; led by integrations concept under immigration policy. As a result of this debate, there emerged a coalition of democrats of a social and Green party which took over in the government federations (Vertovec, 2013). A significant level of migrants has affected Germany a lot in its operations and on how it handles its migrants in the country. Since the development and combinations of those levels, the country experienced diversification of the culture among it's migrant's populations. This resulted in flexibility and increase of immigrants in Germany hence affecting its economy. After that, as the migrants kept on increasing, there was emerging of migratory flow which led to new dynamics which have less control compared to the traditional migrations forms in the country (Vertovec, 2013).

Therefore Germany has enabled free circulation as they wanted to minimize the regulation of mobility. Most of the migrants in Germany are temporary immigrants, that's, they do not stay as refugees in the country for long. It takes them a few years, then they go or return to their entire state of birth. These migrants resulted in low cost in the workforce in the country economy sector. This has led to a weak economy in the country. The migrants generated xenophobic reactions in the constructions of the industry against the employees from foreign. At the same time, the mere was emergent of inadequate with no use of contractual workers in the hospitals and industries (Joppke, 2017). In Germany, works such as kitchen helpers, male prostitutes, distributors of newspapers, taxi drivers and cleaners are occupied by those people who migrate into the country as they hold it for short periods and they live to go back to their original states. Therefore it has resulted in politics concerning immigration into the country.

Politics Immigration

There is expression of principles under judiciary in the official disclosures in the country which has not recognized the migrant's existence and their ethnic diversity in the society. There was a reinforcement of recruitment in a ban on workers from a foreign guest (Joppke, 2017). Due to failure to ensure there is the management of immigration and need to avoid great hosting of the minorities led to all these politics in the country. As politics continued, Germany set explicit policy concerning integration (Joppke, 2017). This political integration was well understood as the pinnacle of a combination of society as well as end in it. The welfare of social inclusion is very vital to the country as it allows no traditions of culture and language links with most of the migrants hosted in the country. This has led to inequality which is dissimilar of the starting point of the migrants in the country (Joppke, 2017).

Citizenship Reflection

Nationality of Germany definition has a hitherto which remained as a problem to given horror of the entire National Socialism as well as a block which is presented a politics in its activities. This led to an understanding of the actual blood of the immigrants. This citizenship mode leaves out the voting rights of the immigrants and the descendants of them as well, even after all the past generations (Vertovec, 2017) It still not admit one to be belonging to two different countries, that's, dual citizenship of the immigrants is not allowed in the country. Conversion of these immigrants into German citizenship was seen a problematic activity to be carried on hence neglecting the extended stay of them in the country (Joppke, 2017).

Due to this, there was an evolution of Test city by Frankfurt, which highly surrounded the region connected to the economy networks internationally, which made the multicultural city and a high percentage of immigration in Germany. These protest resulted in the birth of the political party to defend them. There was the establishment of office which innovated the generation of green approach on multiculturalism to protect the Muslims and the immigrants (Klopp, 2012). This enables transparent participation of the migrants then making them feel more valued in the country which created comfort to their stay. This promoted the cultural needs of these people as well as the Germany community entirely. This was of positive value to them and has led to more increase in migration population to the country compared to the last time.


In conclusion, all around the world, different people have different likes and dislikes depending on their view of things in different perspectives of life. Some people positively view multiculturalism, while others consider it negatively. Still, all in all, multiculturalism remains to be a very crucial thing because it is the only way people get to know about different cultural practices and get to learn more about them and in due respect to multiculturalism ones knowledge is widened. Because all people come from different ethnic groups, they have a different language, customs and educational backgrounds. Many governments of the world have admitted and are now encouraging support to cultural diversity. In all countries, bounders, fair policies allowed all citizens to have the perseverance to cultural inheritance.

Under the laws, racism, prejudice and discrimination have decreased. The relationships between people from different countries have become enrich able and colourful. At any place around the world, one can enjoy watching different country's cultural performances. However, developments of the internet and wireless communication technology have improved communication, and many people have come closer to one another. As a result of cultural diversity, economics between various counties have been connected more closely. Now, the whole world has become a global village not only for interaction but also business-wise. Lastly, multiculturalism has become more important in history because society and people can embrace it positively. That is not enough, and we need to enhance and develop multiculturalism in our lives.


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