Marketing Product Manager: Balancing Professionalism and Work Attitude - Essay Sample

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The marketing product manager is likely to develop a negative work attitude as she may feel that the employer is undermining her professionalism. As a market product manager, she must look at all competitors of the organization, and ignoring any firm may be contrary to what is required in the value statement of the organization. The marketing product manager may also develop a negative attitude towards the way her employer treats her when she arrives for work late. The employer is quick to give her warnings and make her adhere to the rules, yet the employer does not respect her views.

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The attitude towards the organization and employer may make her feel dissatisfied with her job position. In response to job dissatisfaction, she may reveal that the employer influences her decision, to which she is not comfortable that the decision has taken all aspects into account.

The decisions made under the product manager may be to the detriment of the organization. The decision made only focuses on higher-end market companies. It may affect profits if the organization continues with this trend as it may not be aware of emerging companies. It may also lead to a high employee turnover rate as they cannot fully exploit their professionalism and implement their views.

Chen & Silverthorne (2008), in their research, established that the locus of control plays a vital role in the overall effectiveness of professionals. The employer of the product manager should, therefore, allow her to exercise her independent views and only intervene where the decisions do not benefit the company as a whole. The employer should also give reasonable warnings to the product manager for being late to work.


The chemist may develop a negative attitude towards work due to the constant working and high-stress levels. The work is tiring and involves minimal rest. He is also likely to get dissatisfied by the job position as it may not be worthy of the high-stress levels and hard work.

The chemist may express that the minimal resting period and high-stress levels make him dissatisfied. He may request that he be granted more resting time than working duration, to boost the levels of job satisfaction.

The negative attitude and dissatisfaction of the chemist may adversely affect the revenue and profits of the company. The chemist may decide to reduce the amounts of products he produces in an attempt to have more resting hours or reduce stress levels. It may, in turn, lower revenues and thus lower the profits. The chemist, after his work, was searching for vacancies online, indicating that he plans to leave the organization. Therefore, the continuation of constant working and high-stress levels will most likely lead to his resignation and thus increasing the employee turnover rates.

Job stress factors of workload have a negative impact on employee job satisfaction (Venkataraman & Ganapathi, 2013). The employer of the chemist should, therefore, change the terms of employment. The employer can negotiate with the chemist on the working hours or resting time.

Loading Dock Manager

The loading dock manager, together with the employees, has developed a negative attitude towards work due to unfavorable working conditions. It is evident by the reduced working hours that employees are not comfortable with the working environment. The poor working environment also creates a level of dissatisfaction as the employees cannot withstand the working conditions.

The loading dock manager may express that the working environment makes her uncomfortable and dissatisfied with the organization. She should mention that these continuous conditions may cause her to avoid the workplace or resign.

The employees portray a negative attitude, as is evident by the reduced effort in work. The poor conditions will adversely affect revenues and profits. The poor working environment will result in employees taking days off or resigning and thereby increasing the high turnover rates.

To increase the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and job commitment of the employees, an organization must satisfy the needs of its employees by providing the right working conditions (Raziq & Maulabakhsh, 2015). Therefore, to change the employees' attitude and dissatisfaction, the employer, can redesign the workplace such that there are proper working conditions and environment.

Quality Control Administrator

The quality control administrator is likely to develop a negative attitude towards the organization as he feels there is racism. The company's values are contrary to what is practiced, as there is no diversity of cultures. The quality control administrator also develops a level of dissatisfaction as a result of a lack of diversity, as this is not what he expected. He is also likely to create a negative attitude to his employer and employees as they expect him to fall despite making a significant difference in the organization. The quality control administrator is also likely to be dissatisfied with the social life at the organization as the workmates and employer do not fully associate with him.

The quality control administrator can state that the organization does not support a diverse culture, which tends to affect job satisfaction. He can also indicate that the way workmates and the manager are addressing him affects his social life and has an impact on job satisfaction.

A continuous trend of this behavior may result in the quality control manager resigning from his position. He is also likely to underperform as a result of racism, lack of proper communication with others, and being criticized by workmates.

A successful manager must have interpersonal, informational, and decision-making roles (Mintzberg, 1989). The managers can hire other Asians into the organization or include different diverse cultures to support the social life of the quality control administrator. They can also create social groups in the organization to enhance communication and social life. The employers should also express that it is in their best interest to see everyone succeed.


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