Management Service Blueprint: Food Manufacturing Industry

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Date:  2022-08-15


The business that this management blueprint is to be used in is a food manufacturing industry. The company is to manufacture ready food consumable to the people. The processing materials required are to be gotten from the agricultural products from the farms. The agricultural raw materials are being harvested and supplied to the industry for manufacturing and processing into finished products that are ready for use. The industry will do all the other necessary activities from the reception of the products to the packaging process and releasing the products into the market. The industry as well is to organize open forums to education and brief the farmers on better quality products and the upcoming changes in the industry.

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Blueprint refers to the plans laid out in the operation of an organization and shows the guidelines to be followed in offering services making specification on the evidence, support systems and even actions of the staff. It also concerns evaluation and displaying the appropriate infrastructure that is required in the channels through which the services are to be offered to facilitate delivery of services. It is a summary of the set objective s in an organization and the action plan put in place to achieve the goals of the business. The business, therefore, takes a keen look at the blueprint in the bid to be able to supply the products and command a greater share of the market. The industry is to link the farmers amongst themselves and with the industry giving aid and advice necessary for the prosperity of the business.

The network appears complex otherwise and involves the provision of services including transport and financial services to the agribusiness entity. Then business also involves the intermediaries that are charged with the responsibility of distribution of the products linking them to the consumers, wholesalers, retailers and all the food established services. The food industry to be set links to several industrial activities from the harvesting of the farm produce to the end product and therefore depend so much on agricultural products . The raw materials from the farmers are being collected at a point within the industry in which process the industry will allow the farmers to deliver the products and be paid after the evaluation and determination of the prices. This will serve the buying price in the processing process of the food products. A standard payment rate is fixed to ensure no discrimination against any individual once the delivery has been made. The finance department is to be charged with the task of making the appropriate payments to the valid suppliers on verification.

The strategic service vision of the business is to ensure continuous and steady food supply all around the whole world to all the people that are in need and able to purchase them. By linking the farmers to the consumers making the agricultural activities more useful and to elevate the farmers to have the wasted lands put into productive use of agribusiness, the food security will be achieved by involving all the food service providers to supply the foods to the market.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis of the food industry to be set involves looking into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges likely to face the business.


Putting up an industry that utilizes locally produced raw materials makes it cheaper to get the resources cheaply and steadily.


Bringing together all the farmers is a challenge.

No special attendant to farmers.


Food is a basic need and hence it provides one of the widest markets for the products of the industry.


The farmers can decide to change into growing other crops not used in the industry.

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