Management Essay Sample: Role of Operations Management in the Firm

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Operations management is the process in which the creation of goods and services in an organization is managed. Business functions involved in operations management include; organizing, controlling, planning, and coordinating all the necessary resources used in the companys production activities. Operations management is thus a function which involves the management of equipment, information, technology, and people as well as all other resources used in output production (Voss, Tsikriktsis & Frohlich, 2002).

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I currently work in the department of operations management at a utility company in the department of strategic, large, and midsize business (SRM). My job as an administrative assistant has different responsibilities. One of my duties is providing support to the strategic group who oversee the JD power stats and rankings. My work here involves putting together data in charts to enable our different business stakeholders have a better understanding of how the company is performing in different areas. In relation to operations management, my job helps the management view how different inputs have been used in the production process and consequently come up with ways in which different areas can be improved to ensure optimal use of the resources.

Another one of my duties involves analyzing the different key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine the companys level of productivity. Some of the measures that are analyzed include power quality, power reliability, quality of customer service for valued businesses, energy efficiency, among others. Analyzing these measures is very important because it ensures that the relevant management uses this data to make strategic decisions that will aid in improving the companys productivity. I also take in consumers feedback and analyze the data to find ways to improve service delivery to our customers. Additionally, this enables me to find gaps in the companys operations which when filled, could give the company a competitive edge over other providers of the same services. Incidentally, I ask the customers to rate our services in a scale of one to ten. Moreover, I could ask them how likely it is for them to recommend our services to a friend on a given scale. These results after analysis indicate how well or poorly the company is performing. The information derived from this analysis also enables me to develop the companys public relations by correcting the different issues and promoting the companys brand.

I conduct this analysis using different software to get the most accurate results. For instance, when I am using qualitative data, I conduct analysis using software such as SPSS while I use Ms. Excel when dealing with quantitative data. My job also requires me to create a budget for the company. This is important because it enables the company to have an estimation of the amount of resources that will be spent in different expenses such as purchases, salaries, allowances, advertising, taxes, among other expenditure. This helps the company to set aside working capital for these expenses to avoid running out of money during operations which ensures that production continues as planned.

Another role that I perform at SRM involves dealing directly with employees. Whenever employees encounter any challenges personal or professional, they come to me for guidance and advice. I assist six managers and seventy-five employees. People are key in any organizations, and the manner in which they are managed directly reflects on the companys performance. I have studied human resource management, and this has greatly helped me in this role. One major issue that I have identified in the company is that employee engagement appears to be suffering and declining. This is a severe issue because research indicates that employee engagement in an organization directly affects the companys fiscal health and consumer satisfaction. I work very hard to ensure that all employee issues are sorted out, and the communications between the management and employees is effective to ensure that the company retains talented workers and uncertainty is reduced in the company.

Whenever I deal with managers who are having trouble at the job, I remind them that their leadership will significantly affect whether the company will achieve its bottom line or not. I also inform them of the importance of hiring talented employees who are also hardworking. A companys management directly impacts on employee performance. Hence it is crucial for managers to encourage employee engagement in a bid to produce high-quality results. SRM has established objectives that focus on improved communication, collaborative projects, and network performance. As an administrative assistant, I work to ensure that these activities are carried out in the organization to maximize productivity.

Some of the employees who come to me complain about their working conditions whenever they are not comfortable with them. Since I am aware of the importance of employee satisfaction, I talk to the management on such matters to ensure that the issue is addressed. Whenever I speak to the different employees, I also analyze what they say, and in some instances, I have identified that some employees were overwhelmed by their jobs because they lacked the necessary skills required in fulfilling their obligations. In such cases, I usually suggest that they receive training and mentorship to help in developing their skills and consequently increasing their productivity levels. I also help in solving disputes that exist between different employees or among employees and their managers.

Whenever I identify some employees to be liabilities to the company, I pass on this information to the human resource department who then conduct their investigations to determine if it is true and take the required steps. Operations management is a very important part of business operations. When well managed it can aid in ensuring that the company remains profitable over long periods. Employees are one major entity that must be looked at. This is because employees are involved in the production process. If they are well trained and treated respectfully, their productivity levels will also increase which will lead to increased high-quality output. I also support the director of SEM with her work in the chamber of commerce which she belongs to (ASBA). This enables her to complete this task on time to deal with other matters in the company.

The machinery and other company assets must also be well maintained to increase efficiency in production. When the production process flows smoothly, the costs are minimized and the high-quality output aids to give the company a competitive edge which consequently increases its profits. Thus the three main activities that I perform to improve the companys operations include; human resource, cost, and asset management.

Systems to Take Advantage of Capital, Location, and Labor Differences so that Profits Are Maximized

It is imperative to ensure that all factors of production are used efficiently to maximize profits. One system that is used in this process is the managerial control system. Managerial control systems are applied into operational management in three different ways. The first is feedforward. This is the process where various controls are installed before a given production activity commences (Slipp, 2002). Here, the labor and capital are placed strategically in the organization before the production process starts to ensure that they bring about the highest level of productivity. The business is also located strategically in a bid to provide maximum exposure and create proximity to the required raw materials.

The second one is concurrent. This managerial control system occurs where different mechanisms are put in place simultaneously with the occurrence of a given activity. Third, there is the feedback control. This ensures that control is exercised after an activity is completed (Slipp, 2002). The most effective controls are the feedforward controls because they usually prevent problems before they come up. I usually mostly use the use the feedback control in the SRM organization where the corrective action is taken once a variance has occurred. We also use the feedforward control to ensure strategic placement of different factors of production before production begins.

Organizations should use the control systems that best meet their needs. The criteria that should be met in the design process include; flexibility where the system will be adaptable enough and able to take advantage of new opportunities. It should also be economical. Additionally, it should ensure that timeliness is upheld by detecting variations and allowing corrective action to be taken in time. Finally, it should generate accurate information that will help the management to take the necessary actions to correct the situation (Nicholas, 2011). At SRM we also make use of Lean production systems in production. These types of systems ensure that there is no wastage which enables the company to maintain and increase production without suffering any losses.

How Planning the Operations Process Takes Place and How International Considerations Are Integrated into Planning

Operational planning involves the creation of schedules that are well monitored when carrying out production. Operational planning involves two major activities. These are scheduling and control. Operations scheduling aids in the development of appropriate measures that will ensure that production activities are economically efficient. Conversely, operations control involves observation of the schedules and ensuring that labor, capital, as well other company capacities are fully utilized, and the costs associated with them are minimized (Joglekar & Levesque, 2013).

A good production plan is vital for any business. However, it is a complicated process that involves many activities in a bid to ensure that human resources, equipment, and materials are readily available in the right time and place. Effective production planning is essential to a company for various reasons. First, it ensures that a companys goods and services are delivered at the right time. Additionally, it ensures that equipment usage is optimized and the production capacity is increased. Moreover, it reduces costs associated with inventory since it reduces excessive work-in-process stock as well as safety stocks. Finally, it minimizes labor costs by improving the process flow and ensuring that time is not wasted.

As an administrative assistant at SRM, I have an obligation of creating tactical plans for different activities for the company. I find this to be vital to the business because it hinges on a sound comprehension of the activities that all parties should carry out and the resources that should be in these activities hence it aids in increased company efficiency. One of the planning activities that I carry out is working with the IT department to find ways of optimizing operations to create schedules with minimal time wastages. Additionally, I constantly monitor the employees progress in different activities and communicate the progress with them. This aids in ensuring that they remain on schedule and perform high-quality work.

The different factors that must considered when creating an operations plan include; first, it is important to forecast the market expectations (Shaha & Ward, 2003). I usually do this by using past data, established orders, and assessing the existing market conditions and trends to forecast the expected revenues and expenditure for the company. I then create the income statements for the company using the estimated values. Additionally, I use reliable inventory levels to plan for...

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