MAERSK Company Analysis

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Date:  2021-03-08

Precise name of the company

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The precise name of the company is MAERSK Company a subsidiary of Denmark-based container shipping, oil and gas giant A.P. Moller Maersk. The company headquarters is in the UK and the Ireland.

Location type

The company headquarters is in the UK and the Ireland. Where the company maintains a fleet of about 70 vessels including containership, supply vessels, and product tankers.

Company type

The company is a subsidiary of ultimate parent company called A.P. Moller Maersk. The immediate parent company is called Maersk Drilling Norge AS.

Primary SIC code

The primary SIC code for Maersk Company is 47890000: Transportation services, not elsewhere classified.

The most current $ total sales figure

The current annual sale figure is $127.08M

the Average Estimate for next year

The earning estimator for next year from an analytical point of view with a mean of 108.31. The estimator had a variance of 26.3 about the mean. The quarterly estimates for Mar 16 is 10.4 Jun 24.25 Sept 16 29.14 and finally Dec16 17.34.

Under Competitive Landscape, Long-Term Debt/Share and Market Median

There was no data available under the competitive landscape for debt/shares and market medium.

Under Financial Market Data, 36 Month Revenue Growth

There is no financial market data for the 36-month Revenue growth for this company.

Reasearch on an Indusry.

Name of the Industry: Transportation Services Sector

Industry Opportunity Listed:

Demand which depends on Economic Growth

Need for Efficient Operation

Under Quaterly Industry updates

I found out that fuel price is the industry impact factor

Under Business Challenges

I found out high capital spending to be one of the critical issues

Under News & Social

The News story that I choose was: The Key Players in Global Aircraft Fuel Systems Market 2016-2020, According to News Study on ASD Reports.

This story is relevant to my research focus since the industry I choose deals with transportation services. It will help me in understanding the emerging issues and trends in the fuel market.

Under Financials: Financial Ratios

The Pre Tax return on assets quarterly were 2.7% , 1.9%,3.6%,3.0%

The definition: It is a ratio that indicates the firm's ability to allocate and manage its reserves.

Companies that are based in the United States, have sales ranging between $1000000 -$ 5000000 and are owned by a public company :

Kobe Steel USA Inc

Marquette Commercial Finance

Under Business Insights from D&B in Company and Industry Trends I settle for this article:

Financial Crisis 2.0 may Hit Before 2019 By Christian Hudspeth

Worksheet 1 part 2

Complete proper name of your company


Number of articles found on the Company Entity


Market Research reports , Industry Profile and SWOT reports to be sent to the students email are attached in the folder and named after worksheet number and specific question they are applicable to.

Articles about companys competitors, lawsuits and business ethics

Which words did you add to the original search:



Business ethics*

Articles found in each separate search:

Competitors 1,104,173

Lawsuits 1,156,351

Business ethics 4,332,468

Worksheet 2

Full proper name of your company


Articles found

Number 878, which are not listed in order by date but are just randomly arranged.

The article that gives a good overview of the company and the most recent article giving important news about the company that are supposed to be emailed to the student are attached in the folder and named according to the worksheet number and the question tackled.

Narrow result by selecting two subjects. The subjects selected were

Shipping industry


Number of articles found on the above subjects are


Narrow results by Company/ Organisation and selecting a competitor of your company. The competitor selected was:

Mediterenean Shipping Company

Number of articles found on the competitor are


Are the articles found about your competitor and your target company?


Worksheet 3

Website address for the company

Total revenue of the company for the past two years

Year 2013 $ 47,386,000

Year 2014 $47,569,000

Names of two competitors

Mediterenean shipping company

Equatorial shipping line

Competitors total revenue in the year 2014

Mediterenean shipping company $720,646

Equatorial shipping line $1,728,396

The SWOT report to be emailed to the student is in the folder and named according to the worksheet number and the relevant question tackled.

Annual revenue for the primary industry

$ 153,190,530,000

NAICS code for the primary industry


The 2015 industry overview that will be useful for analyzing your company and was to be emailed to the student. It is contained in the folder and named according to the worksheet and the number of question it applies to.

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