Love Just a Coincidence - Movie Description Example

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After the first hour of the movie Love Just a Coincidence, it begins when Ozgur is driving Deniz around after a date, he ends up driving her up to their place where she waves as she gets to their residential compound. I am surprised by the chemistry that is existing between the main characters that are Ozgur and Deniz; the whole scenario is beautifully sensitive and charming. A flashback follows after Deniz enters the house as the next scene, it clearly shows the genesis and the type of love that existed between Deniz and Ozgur during their school breaks in their when they were still young. We see Deniz putting into writing one of her sad moments of her life about the dishonest relationship both her parents were going through when she was growing up.

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The additional episodes broadcast Deniz experiencing dinner with her family where much questions are being raised on when she is getting married, about her study on pharmacy. Deniz mother is pleased with her, with her aunt Omer seeming to be dramatic when she remove food from the table before completion and instead replace it with dessert. Relatively, Ozgur on the other side is being served with a drink; he later turns and picks one of his childhood pictures and flashback on how he and his friend exchanged a camera with a guitar. The father realized about Ozgur guitar camera exchange, he was able to experience a beating that only landed him in the hospital, after gaining consciousness, the first thing he was able to his dad, was where his guitar

In the movie, through different flashback, their family faced a severe domestic violence with the mother and the father going through tuff fights to when it comes to handling the grievances between them. With various scenes after the other, the movies provide a platform that embraces Deniz as super talented in art, while Ozgur is one of the best performing photographers who is creative and has great talent in music. This is clearly expressed during the time they were celebrating the Deniz twenty-fifth birthday where he was able to dedicate her song for his love for her. In the movie, each time Ozgur and Deniz lives intersect, the cause of intersection brought significant transformations in their lives. Through different beautiful and romantic scenes in the film, the two love birds lives are intertwined fully because most of the things that can bring them together, regularly work in contrary to build a wall between them until the time they can encounter again.

Deniz, is most of the episodes get confused when turf times are prevailing in their relationship with Ozgur when a misunderstanding arises, Deniz tends to show her soft side and emotional love to Burak who consistently acts as Deniz emotional support when they are facing relationship problems with Ozgur. In their encounter with Burak after a serious misunderstanding they experienced with his fiance, Ozgur can face serious family separation especially with the father who in most cases was rigid with him and was so furious with some of the decision he was making. With the decision he made to move away from home and just travel far away so that he can be able to forget Deniz, Ozgur is not able to provide a serious and genuine explanation to the father, making his father so mad and furious at him. On the other side, Deniz can encounter Burak who was her ex-boyfriend after the disagreement the both experienced.

In the scene that demonstrates an explanation on Deniz meeting Burak, he is fully equipped and came for the date fully prepared to propose for a hand in marriage with Deniz. Surprisingly in his proposal, Deniz is portrayed to be emotional, and she rejects the offer and explains to him that she is not in love with him and later explains to him that she is in love with someone else who is not him. Burak remembers the tough time that he had to stand with Deniz and some of the best memories they were able to share with her in the past. Burak organized date is destroyed with one of the disappointing news and left alone.

On the other side, Ozgur is confused and not sure on the exact thing is supposed to do. He is full of mixed reaction on whether to fight and get Deniz back; His father encourages him that boundaries are existing so that they can be broken, and assures him to go for the prize and nit to forget what is driving him. Unfortunately, Deniz gets involved in one of the tragic car accidents with Ozgur at the same time going through a brain damage and failure. The movie ends with great suspense, and I am left wondering what exactly took place, whether the two recovered and later got married or did they die.

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