Logic: Hip Hop Artist Essay

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Date:  2022-05-15

I discovered my love for music at a tender age. At the age of 3, I was able to come up with musical beats through my mouth and using objects around me. The fascinating thing in the eyes of mum from such an early age is that I would always prefer sitting around any musical instrument and investigating it instead of being at the park or the lawns playing with other kids.

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I recall one day when I was seven, and my mum took me to audition for a music competition I overheard my mum tell another lady she was sited next to about how she knew that I had been gifted musically.

"just when I had placed the plates on the table the doorbell rung, so I walked to check who it was, when I returned I found my little person having overturned all the plates and was using them together with the spoons and the plates to play drums and that when I knew I had given birth to a musician."

I have not yet become a famous musician so far, but one thing stands out for sure that hip-hop has changed my life.

"Hip-hop has always been the trend that has saved my life." Says my friend Sam

The same something can be said about me. Hip-hop has been the core source of inspiration, motivation and it has always been the source of my willpower. Just like any other music in the world Hip-hop has a unique way of conveying the message from the beats to the hip -hop dressing code to the lyrics. It is however easy to distinguish hip-hop from another genre of music because of the first tempo and the repetitive beats.

In 2014 he sold more than 171,000 copies of one album. In 2018 he made headlines when his sixth mixtape become a hit selling about 119,000 albums units in the first week of release, his name, Sir Robert Bryson Hall II or you can call him Logic. Logic has a net worth of about $10 million, but that is not the captivating factor his heart of gold his personal belief and his view about the world is what makes him captivating as a musician and makes his songs intriguing to listen to.

I was introduced to Logic music by a group of friends, and from the first time, I heard his music I knew they was something different about him. It was during a summer holiday four years ago when my friends and I were going camping. The evening was hot, and there was nothing much-taking place until one of my friends sat upright and said

"Tell you what, I am going to make you some beats and you gonna rap to them cool." And before any of us could answer he was making all this beats with his mouth while tapping on the log he was sitting on. At first, people were afraid to sing but soon enough they warmed up to the music

"Your turn now," I said to him,

Sure enough, he started to sing to our beats rapping so fast and making all these jokes about my friends. "Alright" was logics first song that I had ever heard and that was in the rap battle that my friends started that day and from that day he is still my favorite rapper. Some of my friends ask why I love Logic and this are the tree things that I tell them

First is the willpower and the confidence that he portrays. While music may be about the message that is being passed it is more about the attitude that the musician portrays when conveying his message. In most cases, people are likely to listen to a musician who understands his message and delivers it with confidence. The confidence is not only depicted in the delivery of music but also in the person that the musician is as an individual. Logic sings his music with a lot of confidence in both himself and the message he is passing across.

Regardless of him being a white musician who sings a genre of music that has a lot of black musicians he stands out for various reason. First, he does not view his race as a challenge rather he views it as a unique feature and a blessing that he can use to tell the Hip Hop story. In his song Sucker for Pain, he reveals that people ought to be strong and confident in themselves regardless of who they are or where they come from. In his song"1-800-273-8255" he tells that no one can save once life apart from that individual hence a person is a hero to themselves, and they, therefore, should walk with confidence. Logic offers a daily dose of confidence in all of his music at that is what keeps the people around the world captivated.

The other factor that captivates me about Logic is his view of money and how people should earn it. According to me Logic keep the view about the money, speeding and earning as real as it could be. In his songs, he raps about the importance of money the advantages of having enough cash. He portrays money as an important commodity in our society one which a person cannot live without.

His ability to keep the "hustle" really encourages me to view money not as a demon rather view it as a helper in achieving dreams. My favorite song about money by Logic is "Deeper Than Money" he explains that it's not the money that made him rich rather it is his willpower to follow the game plan to have a lot of money. This is in itself a motivation that they are money rules that I have to follow if I am to achieve my dreams and not having enough cash is not an option either. He shows in his music that there is only one way to have money and there is only one game plan have it, and that is to work for it.

It is in understanding this philosophy that has assisted me to be able to look for an avenue to earn money. One of the avenues that I have been using is getting a summer job and sometimes a part-time job whatever it takes me to stop being over depended on my caretaker. With time Logic had taught me that the only way to make it big in life. Is by looking at things differently from how others look at it

The last factor that has made Logic and outstanding and incredible musician is his view on relationship both with the people of the same gender and the opposite gender. He views female gender as something that is delicate. He views women in the society as the power tank. Though he sees women as a blessing he also educates the people about the dangerous that they can cause in the society if there is no balance.

On the male relationship, he views male friends as the force that keeps him moving regardless of how things are. According to Logic, it is important for one to have male friends especially the once that have his best interests at heart. Like the lion, he chooses to walk in a pack of other Lions so that they can be able to exchange notes. It is therefore important that people remain to be social without having to cause each other harm. Oneness is power.

In the resent year with the help of Logic music, I have come to understand that there is more to life than most of us perceive there is. It is therefore important that we have a clear picture of what is happening and what is about to happen before we make important life issues.

Another thing that I have come to learn is that each person should do that which they can be able to do. Getting involved in the activities that I can usually be able to do. This does not mean that I cannot dream big, but it means that I can always achieve my big dreams if I am consistency in the things that I do. It is also important that I get after things in life that matter regardless of what others may think of me.

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