Song Analysis Essay on Let's Do It (Let's Love) - Ohio Players

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Date:  2022-06-23


The song talks about love which emphasizes the kind of love the singer had for his lover. The singer detailed how he could be enjoying love was not for the fear his lover had of what people could say about them. In spite of the challenges, they could face in their journey of love he emphasized they can still do it there no other person who can make their passion sweet except them "there is nothing can turn it into honey." The voice of the singer seems to be rooted in trying to elaborate the kind of feeling, and they worked for hand in hand with the instruments.

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In this song let's love, the singer has a vital and intimate relationship with the topic of the song 'love,' and he expressed the sensitivity and required spirit in his voice. This is one of the requirements needed when composing a song. The topic and the song relates with the kind of the spirit the singer is having as well as the instrument being a love song. The lyric of the song lets love seems a little bit stressed in that the beats of the song match with the rhythm that was initially. Another important thing in a song that is identified in this song is whether the words that are essential in music are emphasized using a bit longer notes. In this song 'let's love' the word love is emphasized all most in every paragraph thus bring attention to the message of the song.

Another important thing is ensuring that the melody of the song is smooth so that the music will connect with the played instrument. In our case, although the theme may seem not to be as quiet as required, the devices go hand in hand with the song. Moreover, the voice in the song is in a good tune such that it brings out the message. In this song, an essential feature that makes the sound to be admirable is that the intervals are easy to sing. For instance, in the lets love song, it has stanzas and the chorus to make the flow of the song as well as to emphasize the message of the song. A chord of progression supports the sounds of the instrument together with the voices. This is a way the instruments are played, and the melody of the song flows without any force from the singer.

In analyzing the voices of Ohio players, they can mix various sounds making the song more interesting. Their views also fall within the sing-able range of any individual. Usually, most songs are sung with a traditional tune so that people can sing the song along comfortably. It is evident that let us love song has less wordy. Too many words in a song make it difficult for the singer to focus on the subject matter. In case of our song, the singer concentrated on the subject that covered the whole song that is about the love the singer had for his lover. In the whole of the song the singer focuses on the subject matter and at the same has written few words to emphasize on the topic. Repetition of some word in the song makes more manageable for the listeners to memorize and retain the rhythm of the song. The repetition of the word love in this song makes it easier for the congregation as well as the listener to get the song along therefore memorizing the song becomes easy.

Other notable features to be analyzed in this song is whether the song captures the image that does it give a clear picture of how it is felt in that situation at the moment. Another thing is the consistency of the song itself, that does the melody say the similar thing as the lyrics. It means that the singer should avoid using contradicting sounds, for instance, putting the haunting melody in a happy sounding word. Another vital element should be into consideration is whether there is some creativeness in the theme and if there is alliteration in the song. In Ohio, player let love song it creates the image of how the singer feels of his lover. The lyrics and the melody of the song also match in such a way that it creates a suite rhythm of the song.

The Ohio player song can be said to be the most straightforward song in such a way the listener can be able to memorize the song after listening to it in a short period. The analysis shows that many songwriters make mistakes of trying to write or to say too much in the song. The song should be simple but with the intended message, the simpler the song, the more likely that will be the most powerful song on the market. In conclusion, as discussed above essential element of a song in the Ohio player 'lets love' the lyrics, voices and the instruments seems to be working together in a way that it gives the intended message. Moreover, to ensure the song is powerful provide it's as simple as possible in a way it will be easier for listeners to memorize.

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