Living in the Country vs. The City Essay

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Date:  2022-03-28

Living in the country is said to be refreshing to most people due to the quite atmosphere and good climate away from the noise and air pollution of the city. There are people who firmly believe that living in the country side is the best thing that ever happened to them. Such people have no urge to visit the city or spend some time in it because they are accustomed to their country way of life. However, the reality remains that living in the city is by far the best option due to the numerous advantages that the city dweller gets to enjoy than the folks living in the country side. This essay will compare and contrast living in the country and living in the city.

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One crucial point that makes living in the city to be a better choice than living in the country is the standards of living. City dwellers tend to have a higher living standards because they are likely to be the first consumers of new or latest things in the market. They have the latest gadgets, appliances, clothing, and even ideas on how to do things that will improve the quality of their living experience. This cannot be said of the people living in the country because they are like a second market after the first market of city residents has been served. The country people get their hands on most items after they have already been in use in the city.

Living in the city is better than living in the country because of the various opportunities that are available. City residents are likely to secure employment at a faster rate than the country people due to the fast dissemination of information that instantly gets to them unlike the country residents who are long distance. The city dwellers are also likely to generate income or profit at a faster rate as there is a readily available market where they can sell their valuable ideas or items to make a living. The only sure way of generating income in the country is through farming which is tedious to say the least.

City residents enjoy a better quality of life due to the availability of proximate social amenities, facilities, and services. They are near most of the government offices not to mention essential infrastructure like good hospitals, schools, or even workplaces. Those living in the city get to enjoy a variety of facilities like entertainment spots, shopping centers, or recreational facilities. Most of these things are conspicuously absent in the country side and in case they exist, they are usually located at far flung areas that create hectic transport logistics. Someone living in the city can literally walk out of their house into a barbershop which is unlike in the country where they would be required to drive or be driven all the way to town for a simple haircut.

As can be seen from the above discourse, there is no denying that there are benefits that one can derive as a country resident. However, the truth of the matter remains that city dwellers have a better way of living than the people in the country side. The availability of economic opportunities, accessibility of social services, and better living standards are the stand out reasons that make living in the city outweigh living in the country.

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