Live a Happy Life: Essay Sample on The Role of Culture, Family & Economy

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Date:  2023-01-16


Culture, family, and economy play an important role in determining what we do for a living. According to Alain de Botton, there is an extensive culture that indicates that what we do for a living should make us happy. Modern economies are slowly embracing technology in the corporation. In turn, people are also embracing technology in their day to day activities. This means that as people strive to ensure that they fulfill a happy working culture, the use of technology because of thriving economies is slowly taking center stage and affecting both what and how people carry out their day to day activates. Smith, on the other hand, looks at how these measures affect the family unit where children are actively being integrated into the modern working society with programs such as KidZania which allows for children to play at corporate-sponsored employment.

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Children are often asked the question, "What would you like to become when you grow up?" In most cases, children will often respond by stating the career they admire. For a child to make this decision, he or she has probably observed the career and established that that particular career would be most satisfying. This means that happiness plays a very important role in making this important decision that will probably shape her life choices and decisions. This is why in the KidZania program, the children are allowed to try out as many professions as they can in a simplified and fun environment where the children get to play how to be adults (Smith).

However, as many of these children will come to realize in the future, sometimes things do not turn out as planned, and in some cases, one will have to sacrifice what they love for the sake of the paycheck. It has been found out that financial needs and wants can lower an individual to the level of a slave or an animal (Botton). In recent times, the global economy has found a way of affecting individuals, especially in their attitude towards work. People are sometimes forced to leave what they enjoy or what makes them happy to what can meet their needs or opting for jobs that pay well to meet the rising cost of living. In most cases, this form of sacrifice is necessary where work is aimed at meeting everyday needs and demands at the expense of fulfilment.


For these reasons, it is important for children to discover what they would like to be at a very young age. The current world is coming up with ways and programs to ensure that they know what makes them happy in terms of a career. Programs such as KidZania provide children with such opportunities where children get to walk in the shoes of the adults in a fulfilling manner. This ensures that these children can focus on a particular course from a young age. This is one way of ensuring that they fulfil their dreams and find happiness in work. It is a high time that society began advocating for ways through which bright promises are actualized because it is by doing what we love that we find happiness and fulfilment. It should start from the childhood level (Botton). Children need to be taught on the importance of the paycheck.

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