Literary Essay on Romantic Poets

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Date:  2021-03-26

Romanticism and nature are two themes that poets artistically use in poetry. They have both been used to express emotions and describe the beauty of the earth. Their imagery is of utmost importance and evident in the works of some of the greatest poets such as Percy Shelley, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The romanticism association emerged in the late 1800-century in Europe and this stimulated supremacy of every individual's mindset and personal know-how (Isaiah 2). Nature, on the other hand, was the main theme during the industrial evolution where most people were leaving the countryside and moving to the urban areas. The poets pursued to illustrate nature by appreciating the landscape and scenery based on their activities. It was the first period that life turned into something rather than an insignificant factor taken for granted and that was the time when the current environmental association kicked-off.

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The Passionate poets regarded to nature as a power of restoration and cleansing. They also express their admiration for being one with the force of nature, and they spoke about the societal and cultural influence of humans artistic evolution. In Frost at Night-time Coleridge with his son reminisces about his babyhood life in the city of London. He also talks about to the beautiful starry sky him wandering like a breeze and seeing all wild shapes and sound of nature. Wordsworth is likened with beautiful flowers while Coleridge represents wildlife suspended on a stony, desolate crag where he was wearing a shirt that exposed his neck. Shelley, on the other hand, describes an inner desire that human's ability is past the edge. Coleridge's feeling of hope revealed itself in him through the obsession of opium. Shelly's hunger manifested itself in political radicalism that made him get expelled from Oxford for writing an article exposing him as an unbeliever over the deficit of proof (Lucy 37). Shelley's notions on matrimony were also an addition of his disbelief about institutions. He founded his concepts on William's treatise of Governmental Integrity, and he believed that young couples got tricked into a marriage which was a societal trap without them having any knowledge about the other nor themselves. Shelly also lived on the tenet of vegetarianism. In his first political poem, Queen Mab debated that not consuming meat positions human at an equal level with animals instead of rising above those animals as a hunter. He shared the same ideology with Wordsworth of their dislike of science regarding murdering animals in the name of dissecting them.

Shelley shows how the storm leads to seasonal variation. The night image of autumn brings death during the winter and in spring the dropped seeds bring new life to the earth. This poem contains an intertwined cycle of events when the end of one leads to the beginning of another. His original similes recap Burke's concept of the magnificent as the natural powers bring forth horror and awe (David 285). These metaphors portray Shellys concern about the social unrest present in the country at the time. The turmoil is as a result of man's creations, science, and industrialization. He appreciates man's intelligence because, during that passionate time, the discoveries in mechanism had led to the manufacturing development that promoted the economy. Such improvements aided the rise in tourism empowering people to visit the beautiful landscapes which motivated the Passionate concept. The West Wind is, therefore, a metaphor showing the contradicting powers of man's creation. With this, he sought to use his work as a trumpet of prophecy to warn people of the impending dangers ahead of them. He argues that humans are brilliant and cannot be satisfied, the main thing that drives their creative power (David 291).

Wordsworth represents a passive description of nature where he gets to the country having been away for five years. His picture describes how life portrays a tranquil restoration which builds the knowledge of traveling to the countries landscape intriguing as it matches to a person's mindset. This poet also uses outright verses to express his ideas about nature and it is a freedom which he desires to impact on his readers. Wordsworth's tourism-themed poems put into practice the principle of rejuvenation that stems from his artistic ideas and progress since he believes that nature can unite (Lucy 38).

In conclusion, Passionate poets are nature poets since they discover life, not just in the organic sense but they also reflect on nature's artistic ability which leads to appreciating the position of the community and the attachment of human with the world. Their poems also describe what art goes through in trying to understand the creative and destructive parallel forces of people to meet the demands of its growing population. Man in his effort to industrialize ends up destroying himself and the environment. The Romantic poets, therefore, mourn this loss of nature which is their sole source of inspiration. However, in expressing their longing for an ideal society, there is hope that if the man stops his destruction, nature stands preserved.


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