Literary Analysis Essay on Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  652 Words
Date:  2022-04-27


The excellent meal of Pollan becomes the crush of cherry. The morels of the meals get indicated as little gritty and salt in which in accompanied with the idea which Pollan collects in San Francisco. It is his perfect meal since the declaration of the meal gets based on the personality and everything gathered on the table will come from the ingredients shot, grown or even collected near his place of residence( San Francisco) The meal is gathered, hunted and even grown which tends more to the ridiculous. What pollans what us to gain from his book is the development of passion and interest for any meal of our choice. He comes up with some rules pertaining his meal while planning. He expresses his passion for the meal on the rules and even mentions that everything included on the menu ought to have been gathered, hunted and even grown by himself and also insist on having the preparation of the mean by himself.

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My final thoughts concerning our food particularly the food eating habits including the industrial food chain become the commercial establishment of our perfect meals which aims at the individual nutrients instead of unique benefits of the whole meals. Pollan ends his book with concise. His ending becomes appropriate and effective. Typically, the social, economic perception of the contemporary eating of any meal that has specific nutrient need to be healthier for oneself and has the right qualities of nutrients. Pollan does not give a clear solution to the issue which people may implement. Pollan makes me think beyond especially how he develops a passion for the chosen meal, and therefore I wholeheartedly agree with his ideas despite the challenge of providing a clear solution. The tone of Pollan gets perfected which become one of barely suppressed outrage especially the way Pollan inserts himself in a narration. He effectively introduces his ethos which aims to establish his power to speak concerning food.


The main conclusion of this research on Pollan's food known as a crush of cherry is mainly found on the author's views and position on his best meal. There are chances of solutions to solve the issue of the two meals, and they primarily include the following arguments. There is the creation of impossibility that when taking foodstuff, we should not think much on the more massive debts that may have been incurred in the purchase of the foodstuff. Also, there is the essence of understanding of the ways of how human beings take food from different perspectives. The scenario takes place in the instance that pleasures of one person get mainly based on equal ignorance and knowledge of their perfectness with the primary aim of sustainability. On the other hand, it gets noted on complications created since a scientist become always considered as being responsible for coming up with correct findings on the main topic of the Pollan's meal of crush cherry. The two foods are taken to be unsuitable and unreal since they become disregarded as anomalies of the real situation of life. Notably, the main advice remains on the preservation of the types of foods for the creation of consistent learning about our ethos of cultures. The doubt in peoples' minds on the fast and slow food is an argument that is lacking full consciousness since the main objective was carried according to each family or cultures interest and therefore discussion of the meals was not happening at all. The main tone is an encouraging one since there is a kind of persuasion that whatever we take on the tables should not be the main topic, but it should ideally base on the other things, for instance, movies and politics. Therefore, it is factual that we eat on the grace of the nature given, but not industry, and what we are eating is mainly the world's body nothing more or less added up.

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