Literary Analysis Essay on Children of the Sea by Edwidge Danticat

Paper Type:  Literature review
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Date:  2022-06-23


The Point of View (POV) depicts the style used to narrate a story. Edwidge Danticat in his novel "Children of the Sea" use the first person technique to represent the story. The author uses the POV as it is reader-friendly. Additionally, the point of view allows the writer to get into the character's head and express he ideas through the character. The readers enjoy the story because they feel that the person narrating the story is the one who experienced the events being described. Thus, a credible and reliable source of information.

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The story is significant as it has moral lessons. The story shows that every individual experience was suffering distinctly. It is essential to note that the characters are a collection of people from varying backgrounds who experience different challenges but share a familiar pain. The despair faced by Celianne leading to her death due to suicide is also felt by other characters in the story. Notwithstanding, the author describes the challenges facing the refugees in Haiti. The writer uses water to symbolize the problems that the people in the area are facing. Additionally, the significant number of bodies observed in the ocean indicate the suffering that the people encountered.

Edwidge Danticat is trying to show the problems facing the immigrants in the country especially the women. It is critical to note that a majority of the characters in the story appear to come from two different worlds but belongs to neither of the two. The author also places the characters in actual historical events to illustrate the violent political environment in the Dominic Republic and Haiti. The story shows the impact of political violence, poverty, and other forces on lovers and family relationships.

One of the prevalent themes in "Children of the sea" is justice. The narrator recounts the events whereby a totalitarian dictator has made nation an unconducive place to reside. Referring to Danticat, people lose their lives for speaking publicly, protecting their families, and disagreeing with the government (12). It is critical to note that even when the young man has no option but to escape for his life, the injustices continue. The passengers in the boat are disparate and are concerned as for whether to save the sick or throw them into the water. Additionally, the harsh conditions in the world were similar to the place that the people were fleeing from.

The theme of love is also expressed in the story. According to Danticat, the letters exchanged between the young man escaping from Haiti in a boat and the lover who has to remain at home with her family (3). The theme of suffering can be observed in the letters exchanged between the girl and the young man. The notes indicate that the man was a student who was against the government and was fleeing the country for fear of his life. The young man faces many challenges during the escape mission.

The author uses imagined dialog to express his ideas. The story has letters that were never exchanged. The messages appear to be journal entries than a letter. The writings show what the characters feel about each other. The young man and the girl express the motif of impotence in their writings. Consequently, cleansing their history, culture, and people. The story has a valuable lesson regarding the essence of political stability and peace on human safety.

Work Cited

Danticat, Edwidge. "Children of the Sea." Kirk? Krak! New York: Vintage, 1996. 3-29. Print.

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