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Date:  2021-03-23

America has undergone several changes political, social and even economic to reach the standard where the world now sees it. America is considered superpower not only because it has good and sophisticated warfare machines and personnel but because it has improved and good quality standards of living as compared to other countries across the world; for example, good and qualified medical care services and healthcare providers, improved infrastructure, improved industries and good education system. All these benefits were achieved with the good political ideologies that include controlled market and resources and industries controlled by the government. however, if the Libertarians would get their hands in the government and take full control of it now, it will mark the beginning of suffering of over 300 million Americans; high rate of unemployment, starvation and poverty would be the order of the day since most of the resources that should not be privatized like the security system would be privatized. This paper chooses to argue in counter with the Libertarians policies and the changes that would be expected in America if they take full control of the government.

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The founder fathers of America fought so hard to get America away from economic and political suffering. However, giving the people that would place their efforts in jeopardy will be wrong. The ideas claimed by the Libertarians that would make a change in America are unrealistic and imaginary. The proponents of this ideology fail to consider the effects of their arguments. Indeed, they are claiming to be fighting for a new face of America; that America needs liberation both politically and economically (Brennan). Of course, they are right, most of the institutions are held by corrupt individuals who do not place the interest of the Americans they are elected to protect. However, the Libertarians want to claim this justice by using and implementing the wrong strategies that would only take America to its grave.

There are various reasons that can justify my argument and I strongly believe that the Americans will extremely suffer and regret for having made such a decision. First, according to the Libertarians, all the institutions governed by the government will be privatized (Iyer et al.). The main ground of this argument is not clear; however, to me I think the argument is more political oriented than working towards making the changes that America needs. The interest of Libertarians is to limit the powers and responsibilities of the government (Freeman). They believe that the government should be individual and not an institution as it is currently. I think this a kind of ridiculous kind of thinking that I have ever herd. Privatization of the public institutions means that institutions like firefighting department, the police and forces will be under the control of private institutions. When this happens, it will be the end of America and everyone in it will perish.

Libertarians taking power will increase exploitation in America. No one will be able to measure the rate of suffering. Since most of the institutions will be run by private institutions, only the rich will be able to afford the services. Even if the government is not fully practicing the law but the powers it holds should not be tampered with because it represents the whole America. Limiting this power will mean that the peoples rights will depend on the few individuals who will be in charge. The Libertarians argue that when their ideas take power, Americans will have the freedom of choice (Freeman). This is a ridiculous argument; clearly there will be no freedom of choice if almost all the resources are controlled by a few individuals who have their interest ahead of the people of America. Unemployment rate will shoot up and people will even suffer more (Hashimoto); the condition will be worse beyond our imagination. The employers will benefit more at the expense of the common people of America. There are situations that we have witnessed or herd in the historical events in America about situations of such ideas; for example, the situation that emerged in Chile during the reign of Pinochet that led to overexploitation of employees. The employers took advantage of their situation by forcing their employees to work for long unpaid hours and if they could complain they were immediately fired. During the time employers massed huge profits in their pockets living the employees to continue suffer. Now, is this the kind of society that we wish of? America is better with the government that is corrupt as it is but not with the Libertarians who only wants to use the bad situation to justify their egocentric ways to the government. During the time of Pinochet in Chile, the situation that emerged was as a result of free market that the Libertarians claim to advocate for. Despite the free market, the situation never changed; the poor did not become rich instead they continued to be poorer. The situation was worse than one could imagine; many families languished in poverty while the rich and the employers continued to rip out huge benefits at the expense of their employees. Therefore, the promises advocated by the Libertarians about implementing the free trade market access and freedom of choice for the people. I think that this idea is not entirely based on the peoples interest but rather it is a target to a specific group of individuals in the society. Such arguments are based on the moral grounds of failure and should not be considered true.

The conditions of social institutions such as learning institutions and hospitals will become very low as they will be led by incompetent people who have not gone through the right education system to obtain what they have. Limiting the powers of the government will take the country to the wrong side; most of the institutions like hospitals and schools will underperform since they are ran by people who do not have the interest of the organization at their heart (Brennan). There will be no standardization of how institutions should work as it is currently. The government has a great responsibility in watching and standardizing the institutions; it ensures that the private sectors do not overexploit the people by regulating the prices of commodities and reducing monotony by the private sectors. The government acts as the voice of over 330 million Americans living in the USA; however, limiting its power will taking the fate of over 330 million Americans in the hand of a single individual who can decide anything to do with it. I dont think if anyone would wish of such a thing but except for the Libertarians. Placing that much of power on a single individuals head will impact the country negatively and people will the kind of suffering that has never been seen across America and Europe at the time of economic crisis.

In conclusion, America controls the worlds economy; therefore, the impact will not only affect it alone but rather the entire worlds economy. America does business with different countries across the world; implementing the free market share will only benefit the big fish in the ocean but rather the small fish like employees will extremely suffer out of exploitation. America does not belong to a few individuals but rather it belongs to over 330 million people living in it. Therefore, it will be wrong to get into a problem that we will not be able to get out because of few individuals who thinks that they can make a difference by exploiting over 330 million Americans; Libertarians are not fit to control America.

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