Les Miserables Historical Outline of the Novels Setting Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

Les Miserables is a novel that is a fictional story of a man unjustly condemned to almost two decades in prison for the theft of a loaf of bread. Jean Valjean now faces prison time for stealing the loaf of bread in the quest to save a starving child. The story in the novel starts in 1815 after the French revolution which is more than two decades. The outline shall provide details on the historical setting of the novel Les Miserables.

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In the aftermath of the French revolution, the scenario is bloody and it does not take a moment to figure out that things became utterly gruesome. Marie Antoinette and King Louis get dethroned in 1792. In 1793 alongside other members of the nobility, many executions take place, and the people lose their lives (Bradshaw). During the reign of terror as it known as for the tragic ordeals and events that transpired Maximilien de Robespierre ironically in management and in-charge of the committee of public safety sends about 40,000 in a move termed brutal and swift justice.

The next was the rule of Napoleon. The struggle of the new republic characterizes the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte. His forces ravaged and went over other countries, for instance, Egypt and Italy. When he got back together with his force, he was able to stage a coup in Paris and he, as a result, became the First Council of France. The events between 1804 to 1814 led him bearing the title of France Emperor. In 1815 Napoleon enemies who now come together in alliance send him into exile after the invasion. He loses at the battle of Waterloo where he is defeated. Napoleon I was a tyrant fierce and who in the eyes of the citizens came out as the Liberator (Hugo). King Louis XVIII assumed the throne and the monarchy established. The Les Miserables is in a setting in 1815 which is near the start of the new king's reign.

The story brings forth the harsh experiences of a young woman named Fantine who gets fired in a factory and afterward discovers she bore a child out of wedlock. Fantine sells her belongings to be able to send money to her daughter. She ultimately becomes a prostitute and falls to the lowest level in the society. France reverts to a monarchy, and these events are popularly known as the Restoration (Boublil and Herbert). The Next thing is the July Monarchy, and Jan Valjean promises to protect Fantine's daughter. During the next fifteen years, King Louis loses his life. King Charles X briefly takes over. The new King gets exiled in 1830 during the revolution loosely known as the second French revolution. In July it translates to the beginning of a reign termed the July Monarchy.

In the novel Valjeans tranquil existence gets imperiled after Cosette and Marius who is a young member of the ABC fall in love. The friends of ABC support a strong politician by name Jean Lamarque. Jean Lamarque was general under the reign of Napoleon I who became a parliament member. Enjolras leader of the friends ABC is well aware of the role the death of the general would play in the revolution. The end of the revolution, the June rebellion does not end well for those perceived to be the rebels. The barricade in the streets of Paris and on the roads. The expectations were for the people to support their course as they did not expect any reinforcements.

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