Legal Nurse Consultant Profession Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-03


A legal consultant nurse is responsible for assisting a number of professional law firms, insurance companies, and government offices. As a legal nurse consultant, one must possess a certificate showing qualification in nursing field with a strong educational and experimental experience.

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Legal consultant nurse is responsible for attending medical reviews by independent medical exams, testify in court as an expert witness, interview injured clients, prepare chronology for medical records, work alongside lawyers in planning litigation for healthcare, drafting legal documents required in medical cases under the guidance of an attorney and reviewing cases with the purpose of pointing out weaknesses and strengths.

The salaries of legal nurse consultants are dependent on the type of employment. In most cases, these professionals are paid based on experience, and geographic location. In other cases, they get to dictate their charges and consulting practice. On average, a legal nurse consultant is paid a salary of $65,000 annually (Coleman, 2003). As long as the healthcare industry grows, their prospective salaries will gradually increase.

The job outlook of legal nurse consultants is influenced by a number of legal cases which have a direct relation to medication and medical practices. Unlike any other sector, the medical sector is expected to grow over the coming years. Its growth will in one way or another influence the number of malpractice lawsuits.


Registered nurse work with a variety of patients from the healthy to the injured and the ill. However, they specialize and deal with specific types of patients such as cancer patients, newborn babies or those with particular medical conditions.

A registered nurse is responsible for administering medical care to patients, communicate any medical concerns and answer patients question about their medical status. Depending on the specialty and work environment, a nurse is assigned specific responsibilities. They range from performing physical exams on their patients, taking patients through counseling sessions, carrying out research to improve the outcome of patient's healthcare process and educating patients about treatment plans. Van Meijel,

On average, a registered nurse typically gets paid about $60,000 annually (Van Meijel, 2000). However, as they gain experience, their salary appreciates to about $75,000 annually. On estimate, between the year 2014 to 2024, 450,000 jobs will be created for nurses. Some of the things that fuel this growth include an aging population and increasing rate of chronic health conditions.

I chose to be a nurse because I wanted to do something in my career that is interesting, challenging and makes a difference. In the nursing industry profession, you have to deal with aspects of patients care and in surely enjoy a variety of the routine. Interacting with patients and their families and friends helps them through what is most difficult.


In order to succeed in the nursing field, you first must have passion. Also, you need to know how to succeed in your field. By taking nursing classes, you acquire the necessary knowledge and experience necessary for certification.


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