Learning to Dance: Unlocking My Unique Way of Movement - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-12


Learning new dance moves made me understand my unique way of movement, which influences my ability to learn the dance moves. I discovered that I walk in a manner that my muscles are not stretched. My walking style influenced my dance moves because the muscles were not used to being stretched as if I am doing an exercise. The first dance moves made me feel as if my muscles were being pulled; the stiff muscles made it difficult to open the legs as required by the dance moves. The dance moves require one to have exercises and make the body get used to muscles being stretched during the dance (Ko 32). The body gets used to the exercises; the more training continues of the various training lessons on dance moves. The thighs were the most affected by the training as I stretched my arms.

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My movement tendencies are majorly on stretching of the arms. It's comfortable when stretching the arms than when engaging in any other part of the body. Well, I sometimes try to stretch some other parts of my body such as movement, but this has not been easy because whenever I do so, I feel that I am straining my muscles, and my legs ache a lot for several days. This is not an exercise that I engage in routinely, and this might be the reason why the muscles become sore whenever I try stretching the calves.

The preferred movement that I have developed tendency on is stretching my arms. This is an exercise that I frequently undertake most consciously and unconsciously. After waking up, I sit on the bed and stretch my arms, especially lifting them at the shoulder level and trying to bulge the chest outwards. This helps in relaxing the muscles of the on the arms, chest, shoulders, and the back. After stretching, I normally feel relaxed and more energetic. I practice this movement whenever I feel strained, especially after sitting down for many hours. Since I am more comfortable in this movement, I have incorporated it in my dancing moves by moving the arms with fingers touching the toes or making sideways and backward movements of the arms.

Well, in dancing, one needs to incorporate different parts of the body. As much as my movement tendency is of the arms, I am slowly learning to legs to make a more defined dance move. At first, it was strenuous, but I have slowly incorporated some significant moves, such as quick feet. It is a movement that I am starting to like as it helps me boost my dancing while at the same time acting as a workout. Furthermore, it is an incorporation of movement of my arms, which is my movement tendency and the movement of my feet, which is a movement that I am slowly learning.

Being aware of the movement habits helps me in choosing the part that I use more energy to avoid straining some parts. It also helps me in promoting the relationship between the two arms and the feet as well as choosing the direction of the arms. Since I have noticed that trying to touch my toes with my arms' fingertips is strenuous to my calves, I focus more energy on moving my arms sideways and diagonally. This has helped me enjoy my dance movements while at the same time, utilizing them as my workout activities.

As a dancer, one is required to be flexible because the dance moves entail the movement of all the entire body parts. For instance, sitting down for a longer time makes the neck and other body parts to become stiff, reducing the movements during dance (Ko 48). Frequent training accompanied by exercise will make the body flexible and get used to the moves once one begins dancing. The training makes me change the movement tendencies to embrace the movement that is healthy for the tissues not to stretch the muscles; they are necessary and might affect the walking and dancing moves.

Remaining motivated and focused is one of the ways to ensure that one fights the challenges that emerge during the training. Working as a team also works as a motivation where the colleagues motivate one when they are almost giving up in their training. My legs were the most affected by the training, where I had difficulties while walking after the training because the legs were not used to be stretched into making moves that are painful and may hurt the muscles.


In conclusion, my challenges in training is a reflection of the challenges that people went through when they began training for dancing and other activities that require one to be flexible. The music encourages one to keep trying more and more even when the dance moves are challenging to execute. The dance training was challenging, but it was a wonderful experience where even the body health improves because of the exercises. The training enabled me to deal with the challenges that I faced with certain dance moves.

Works Cited

Ko, Kyung Soon. "Reentry experiences of dance/movement therapists in East Asia after training in the United States." The Arts in Psychotherapy 66 (2019): 101556.

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