Knowledge Mgmt System: Enhancing Cleaning Biz Effectiveness - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-17


In this digital era, every business requires one system or another to enhance its effectiveness. A knowledge management system is one of the technological systems that can facilitate the operation of a company, such as a cleaning service business (Chiu & Fogel, 2014). The system is designed to store and retrieve the knowledge to promote collaboration, alignment of processes, and understands the specific operation of a business.

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The knowledge can be used within the cleaning business team to ensure that the employees share some critical tips on how to conduct various operations during their cleaning service and other workers can get to learn from it as well (McGarrity, 2001). A knowledge management system could enable the cleaning service company to share, store, and organize knowledge that helps its workers in enhancing service delivery, thus improving its operation.

The Role of Knowledge Management Systems

The system helps tin in making faster and more timely decisions. The knowledge management system tends to facilitate effective delivery of the need information in an appropriate time via well-designed support (Du Plessis, 2007). When the knowledge has adhered to the workers, it will assist in minimizing on time required to provide the services as any employees can access information on how to handle a particle task to be able to offer convenient service. Additionally, through the system, scarce expertise on how to conduct a service such as cleaning of certain materials is made readily available to the whole team via various platforms such as blogs, discussion forums, training, among others.

Expert Systems

To effectively initiate some of the systems such as a knowledge management system, an expert system is needed (Baxter et al., 2009). This refers to a computerized system that tends to mimic the ability to decide the capacity of a human expert and attempts to solve various problems by reasoning via disciplines of knowledge in procedural code format (Turban, 1988).

Content Management Systems (CMS)

This type of application is mainly used to effectively manage web content by enabling many different contributors to either build new content or edit the existing ones due to its collaborative nature (Benevolo & Negri, 2007). The system is in the form of presentation layers on specific set templates. An organization can use the CMS to enable non-technical employees to manage web content and share information conveniently.

How the Cleaning Service Organization Could Benefit From an Expert System and a Content Management System

The expert system and content management system could play vital real in the cleaning organization. Basically, the expert system offers the users the employees with specified knowledge on an area of cleaning services and via the platform other workers who are not conversant with the operations can get information from the shared blog such as the formation of an effective detergent and devices to apply in a specific situation during the cleaning services in the field, and thus offers maximum solutions to meet the organization's goals. For example, a worker can get to know how to clean molds; examples of an expert system are MYCIN and Prospector. On the other hand, a cleaning service company can again gain from CMS as any technicalities faced by any employee can help us the system to manage their content in real-time due to efficient collaboration. Thus customer gets guaranteed service in good time. Some examples of CMS include WordPress and concrete5.

How the Cleaning Service Organization Benefit From Business Intelligence

The cleaning company has can also significantly gain from the availed business intelligence since the business has to be plane on valid and acute data (Wu et al., 2014). The company will gain from active decision making based on real-time, accessible business reporting, and graphical. This could help to identify the level of know-how of the employees in cleaning service delivery and how to update the services. It also encourages teamwork. Some of the examples of business intelligence are dashboards and ad hoc reporting.

How the Cleaning Service Organization Can Use Social Media to Not Only Obtain Information and Knowledge

Currently, social media is embraced by much business as a way to attain and share information and knowledge. The cleaning service company could use social media to channel relevant information to reach its workers (Benbya et al, 2004). Through social media, the cleaning company could efficiently enhance its employees' skills via an internal knowledge base.

The cleaning service company might use social media information systems to help in managing emerging risks due to social media misinformation. Through the system, the company can also be able to develop effective social media policies and enhance its brand.


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