Kingdom Holding Company Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-06

Kingdom holding company is a company in Saudi Arabia that deals with diverse sectors of investment which include general contracting, maintenance and operation, and operations and management of hotels. It was formed by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. In addition, they are engaged in retail and wholesale trading of materials used in construction, products of agriculture as well as foodstuff. His aim on forming the company was to spend its money within its mother country.The company faced different conflicts during its running from different causes.The conflicts include political pressure, corruption and also Arrest of Prince Alwaleed Talal. These conflicts listed above had different causes whereby the conflict on the arrest of Prince Alwaleed Talal happened after the death of one of the greatest journalist who was known as Khashoggi.Alwaleed was claimed to have taken part in the repression on purported corruption.

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After the founder's arrest, the company began to struggle in making its progression. The latest reports showed that there was a decrease of Prince Alwaleed Talal of about 60%. The source said that the founder was negotiating with the government to offer some space for his company Kingdom Holding in order to be released. This case totally affected the company's performance since there was no concentration of operation rather the management looking for the founder's release.

Corruption.This took place whereby the Prince spoke with the government to take some of his conglomerate for his release. He was also suspected to have taken part in the crackdown of Saudi on alleged corruption. So as to prevent or resolve the conflict the Saudi police arrested Prince Bin Alwaleed whereby he was badly beaten in jail before his release. This caused a very great depreciation of money in the company for the time of Prince Bin Alwaleed detention. So as to compensate the money depreciate the company focused on ending its dependence on oil and also diversifying of Saudi economy (Seabrooke, 2011). After the release of Alwaleed, the company also invested in French Music Streaming Service Deezer so as to track back its position.

Government pressure.This is where the company got pressure from government forces. The firm planned on using one billion dollars within the country so as to help in the country's repair after the death of Jamal Khashoggi and also create a positive reputation towards its foreign investors. This issue was addressed by the company by diversifying the Saudis economy.

According to the research done, organizational politics is termed to be the unofficial, informal and also behind bars efforts to influence an organization through the selling of ideas to achieve targeted objectives. This is highly portrayed in the research on this company where the founder of the company buys stakes so as to improve the organization's income (Seabrooke, 2011.The Company also invested in French Music Streaming Deezer so as to bring back its state after the decrease of its revenue.

The company also encouraged the citizens to invest in Saudi Arabia as a mean of gaining back the financial state of the country which got lost after the death of its journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The company also looked on the ways to increase its stakes in Deezer, Lyft and Careem. Through all these ideas that Prince Alwaleed was selling to the government such as investments, he targeted on meeting his target of earning the highest revenue as an organization. The aim of the company was to reposition the country back to its state after the loss that occurred after the death of Jamal Khashoggi and also creating a positive image to fade the image they earned after what had happened.

Decisions are made in different ways when there is disagreement and stakes are high. The ways include Disagree and commit and the census trap. In disagreement and commit this is whereby the members in the meeting disagree in the decision that has to be made.Due to high Stakes, the leader of the meeting or the company should lay his decision on the table so as to be discussed by the members (Seabrooke, 2011). This is done so as to make a quality decision since if done by one person the decision might not bring impact to the organization.Bringing decision on the table for discussion creates a better understanding of the decision made. Due disagreements some members disagree so as to make the decision made effective.

Regardless of their disagreement on the decision, if the decision is made every member should commit him to adhere to the decision made census trap. This is whereby silence in discussion means no. It not just assumed to be okay for every member to have agreed through silence.In this technique, if a member does not support the decision made him or she keeps silence. In this state, the leader of the organization does not close books since decisions made can't be perfect (Seabrooke, 2011.He or she keeps on reviewing the books after the inactivation of the decisions made so as to identify any changes. The leader should also consider his instant reaction after every decision made.He or she should also ask a trusted peer to check on his bias. This enables one to make valid decisions through regular visitation.

There are different components that one should have so as to be a manager. These manager components include courage, team building ability, outstanding self-awareness, great vision, and high honesty and integrity levels. The manager should be able to initiate a great spirit of teamwork among the members of the organization for the achievement of the common goals and standards set to be achieved by the firm (Seabrooke, 2011). The manager needs to be courageous enough so that in the event of conflicts they will stand firm to solve the conflicts that arise and manage all the issues that take place in the firm in an effective way. Thirdly, a good manager maintains high levels of honesty and integrity all through the time they are working in the organization and in the daily dealings with the people in the firm. Having a great vision is another important factor that would show that one is a good manager. As a manager, power and politics can be applied in the solving of conflicts that arise in the organization. Power would be used by the managers maintaining a high stand and making uncompromised decisions that will have a positive impact on the existing conflicts and help to counter the effect of those conflicts (Seabrooke, 2011). Politics would be used to ensure that the decisions which are made by the manager would be made in a clear and some kind of politicized way that will not be easy to understand by the other members yet they will come to help the firm out of challenging situations.


There are various ways in which the Kingdom Holding Company deals with and manages their conflicts and politics. In the first place, the company makes sure that through the management, not all issues that are in line with the company are politicized. The sensitive issues of the company are kept away from the politics which the members involve themselves in. The leaders are not allowed to exercise extreme levels of their power as long as they work for the organization and this works out to ensure that conflicts that would negatively affect the firm are prevented(Seabrooke, 2011). Lastly, strategies and guidelines that govern how politics are played and conflicts solved in the organization are put in place by this company and this actually has helped reduce cases of conflicts in the company.


Seabrooke, L. (2011). Everyday Politics and Generational Conflicts in the World Economy. International Political Sociology, 5(4), 456-459. Doi: 10.1111/j.1749-5687.2011.00145_5.x

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